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User reviews on MIDI Gear MOTU products

5 ins and 5 outs, small and worth the buy (Micro Lite)

By PaulyPaul, 17/10/2012
The MOTU Micro Lite is a 5 in and 5 out MIDI interface that connects to your PC through USB 2.0. Using the Micro Lite has made it a lot easier for me when I go to studios and to other musicians' houses because it has allowed me to use it with my keyboards and with some of their keyboards as well so I don’t always have to take my gear out and can still work with what they have. Being that the Micro Lite is so small it fits right in the same bag with my laptop.


The MOTU Micro Lite will work with your Mac if you are running OS9 or higher and on Windows you need to be running at least Windows 2000. I have noticed it causing some problems with my Windows 7 system. I am not sure if they released a new driver update for that system but it does not run as smoothly on Windows 7 as it does on my XP computer.


It has been almost a year since I started using this 5 in and 5 out MIDI interface and I have used it with all types of gear. I have even switched out MIDI gear in the middle of a project and it still worked without having to restart or close anything down. There are a lot of MIDI interfaces that will give you the same results as the MOTU Micro Lite, but they probably aren’t as affordable as the MOTU Micro Lite. Before I was using the MOTU Micro Lite, I was using a simple MIDI interface by M-Audio and it was called the Midi Sport, it was just a simple 2 in and 2 out interface that is why I needed the MOTU Micro Lite. I needed more ins and outs to run my whole studio and this did it for me perfectly. Great buy!

Has issues, but good design (Midi Express 128)

By jamie.smartypants, 28/12/2015
I am using this with a Windows 10 Dell XPS touchscreen.
DAW: Ableton 9.5, Cubase Essentials, and Stagelight.
Old school midi gear: Oberheim MC-3000, Roland D-550, JV-2080, JP-8080, JD-800, VSynth, VR-760, Novation Supernova, Moog Little Phatty 1, DSI Prophet 08pe.

Initially, I've had no problems with this unit, until I began using Ableton. Live doesn't seem to want to recognize the drivers for it. When it does, it lists them in a way that they can't be edited. I think there needs to be new drivers written for this, as I am using the current driver set. It's possible there is no driver set for win 10 yet.
Working with it in cubase is great though. Only issue is that it doesn't seem to want to allow sys ex commands to data transfer some older gear like the D-550.
The express replaced a Yamaha UX 250, and it would be lovely if I could use both, but the drivers seem to conflict.


MOTU Midi Express XT

Published on 09/29/11
MOTU is once again shipping the MIDI Express XT, a 128-channel USB MIDI interface for Mac and Windows with USB connectivity, 8 separate MIDI inputs, 9 MIDI outputs, time code sync, a foot switch inpu…