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User reviews on MIDI Interface products

Cannot config without computer (M-Audio - Midisport 4x4)

By Airl Tachyon-65, 02/08/2017
It should have been no big deal to manufacture this 100$ midi device with a couple of dip switches to hard configure the base settings, rather than forcing the user into endless searching for software to configure this device.

All I needed was just midi in to midi thru, that's very basic. Why the manufacturer did not include the appropriate softwwre to configure this device is a mystery, in any case a bummer.

As I do not use any computer / daw with my music instruments, this device is a big no. I just don't understand why the basic base config is not simply midi in to midi thru, just like all the cheaper similar products.

I returned this device to the shop for a full refund. On ebay I found a 20$ midi in to midi thru spiltter that works perfectly without any software.

I give one star for the functionality and an extra star for the build, total 2 stars.


Has issues, but good design (MOTU - Midi Express 128)

By jamie.smartypants, 28/12/2015
I am using this with a Windows 10 Dell XPS touchscreen.
DAW: Ableton 9.5, Cubase Essentials, and Stagelight.
Old school midi gear: Oberheim MC-3000, Roland D-550, JV-2080, JP-8080, JD-800, VSynth, VR-760, Novation Supernova, Moog Little Phatty 1, DSI Prophet 08pe.

Initially, I've had no problems with this unit, until I began using Ableton. Live doesn't seem to want to recognize the drivers for it. When it does, it lists them in a way that they can't be edited. I think there needs to be new drivers written for this, as I am using the current driver set. It's possible there is no driver set for win 10 yet.
Working with it in cubase is great though. Only issue is that it doesn't seem to want to allow sys ex commands to data transfer some older gear like the D-550.
The express replaced a Yamaha UX 250, and it would be lovely if I could use both, but the drivers seem to conflict.

true plug and play usb to midi 4x4 interface (ESI - M4U XT)

By radiobomb, 02/02/2015
Easy to use, plug in the usb and it installs itself on windows, providing 4 in and 4 out midi connectors that show up as midi channels which themselves have 128 channels each, allowing daisy-chain midi connection. Latency is very small. Usage indicators per channel in and out. Excellent value for money. Never crashes, very stable. Exactly what it should be. 64bit drivers available on all the os platforms.

News MIDI Interface

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Published on 12/10/14

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