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The top MIDI interfaces for less than $100

The best MIDI interfaces for less than $100

Many modern audio interfaces don't offer MIDI connections anymore. And yet lots of us still have MIDI keyboards and/or controllers we don't want to let go of. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive MIDI interfaces that allow you to give a second life to your beloved gear. With this in mind we asked our French readers to vote for their favorite MIDI interfaces, and as usual, we decided to share the results with you.
Best MIDI interfaces for less than 100

M-Audio MIDISport 1x1 / 2x24x4

It's the old pots that make the best soups: more than a decade after their introduction, the M-Audio MIDISport interfaces are still the standard against which everything is measured. They are sturdy, not very picky in terms of configuration (Windows XP is still supported!) and easy to use thanks to the LEDs on the front. Definitely a classic.

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+

In a world where the modern musician often uses hybrid gear, be it a synth a computer or a tablet, iConnectivity strives to offer the best possible solutions. Like the amazing iConnectMIDI2+ MIDI interface which can actually transmit audio without being an audio interface. And it allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as plug-in with your DAW, which certainly makes it one of the most innovative products we've seen in many years in a market where innovation is a rarity.

MOTU Fastlane USB

It's simple, elegant and works: it's a MOTU. There's not much to say about this small beauty with two MIDI inputs/outputs and MIDI Thru other than it's a serious alternative to the MIDISport.

Miditech MIDIface 2x2 / 4x4

They are small, squared and sport some very handy LEDs. They come in 2x2 or 4x4 format and their biggest advantage over the rest is their price: around $40 for the 2x2 and $50 for the 4x4. You'd have a hard time finding anything cheaper, especially since they don't do any less than their rivals…

Other models included in the poll: