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[NAMM] USAMO: Audio In - MIDI Out

Expert Sleepers will introduce at NAMM 2015 an audio interface that allows you to ouptut MIDI from an analog audio input.

USAMO (for Universal Sample-Accurate MIDI Output) is not entirely new, users of the Silent Way and ESX-8MD module have experimented it with digital audio signals but it is now available in a standalone unit for analog audio signals.

Well, not quite standalone, for USAMO requires your DAW to convert the audio signal via a dedicated virtual instrument VST, AU and AAX plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows (the USAMO software). The plug-in also generates MIDI clock signal, song position indicators and more.

The DAW sends MIDI to the plug-in, which convert it into audio and sends it to the hardware via your audio interface output. The USAMO device then reconstructs the MIDI data and outputs them via a standard 5-pin MIDI socket. MIDI signals being generated and transported as audio, USAMO allows for sample-accurate sync and jitter-free operation.

The USAMO interface features a 1/4” jack audio input, a MIDI output, a trim and three indicators for power, clip and activity.

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