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Add expression to your MIDI parts

If your MIDI parts sound flat and lack dynamics, an Australian company has designed a small box that will add expressiveness to them.

The Note Toucher is developed by Expressive Electronics for Musicians. This little box connects through MIDI to your synths, samplers, MIDI router and your MIDI keyboard and computer DAW in order to « replay » (re-record on the fly) your MIDI parts with just two finger (middle C and D keys) to add expression to these sequences. The Note Toucher also supports modulation and pitch bend wheels, aftertouch and program change data.

If you want to play your MIDI keyboard in a standard way, a mode allows for disabling the dynamics data send so you can leave the module connected permanently.

The Note Toucher works with any MIDI instrument and supports up to 10 voices of polyphony per chord. The box is powered by the cable connected to the Seq In port (5V) and latency is evaluated between 608µ and 928µ.

The Note Toucher is available for AU 239,50 + shipping fees. Details are online at and here are two demo videos with piano and synth sequences. You’ll notice that the right and left hand parts are processed separately: