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User Review

A little pricey, but built to last. - Reviews iConnectivity iConnectMIDI 2+

The three technical issues that have motivated my choices are:

- PC connection and Apple together to control the hardware, the default route all incoming housing twelve o'clock message to all other outputs.

- Charging the iPad without having to disconnect the ICM2 + every time.

- A second pair of Midi connectors.

Currently, my connections ICM2 + are:
ICM2 + <-> USB <-> PC
ICM2 + <-> USB * <-> iPad 3 (*) 30-pin adapter / USB that came with the ICM2 +
ICM2 + <-> MIDI <-> Nord Drum 2
ICM2 + <-> AC adapter (optional) <-> 220V

With these connections, I use it for:
- Edit sounds (with Lemur App / IPad)
- Make simple sequences (with North Beat 2 / IPad)
- Module drum sounds (since Sonar / PC)

I do not use it for audio.


I have not enough back but for now no worries.

I think the latency should be minimal (if the microprocessor of the ICM2 + can handle an audio stream, it must be able to cash MIDI again ...)

In addition developers in Apple App Midi seem to always take into consideration Iconnectivity equipment, guaranteeing compatibility.

Ignition of the PC or tablet in any order did not seem to disturb the ICM2 + (which remains lit all the time because it maintains the charge of IPad). Just for that I put a "very good".


I been using it for one month and from my usb-midi interface it seems to fall into the category of "no soucy" (like the Midisport 4x4).

I especially regret that the AC adapter is optional and expensive.
I have tried other adapters provide up to 2A but the iPad was responsible intermittently and ICM2 + looked like rebooting constantly ... so I guess the specified 3A are really useful. So, a "Chinese" or 3A + adapter costing almost as expensive as Iconnectivity adapter. In short, take it directly when purchasing;)

On the positive side, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight and feel of robustness of the beast. That beating down like a metal box pedal guitar ... with the battery!

I put only "very good" because of the power option and price.