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iConnectivity iConnectMIDI

You can plug your electronic instrument (synthesizer, guitar, whatever) into iConnectMIDI to play and control your music, using your iPhone or iPod, your instrument, or both at the same time.

You’re not limited to one musical instrument either, the company indicates. With iConnectMIDI you can connect up to 16 devices in a chain, controlling all of them with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

iConnectMIDI’s USB port allows you to plug a USB-enabled electronic instrument into your iPhone or iPod Touch. Put on some headphones, load up an appropriate sequencing app on your phone, and you have a portable mini-studio. The USB port also allows you to plug your instrument into a Mac or PC laptop via iConnectMIDI.

The iConnectMIDI device is compact and tough, roughly the half the size of a paperback novel, with a brushed metal casing. Its rubberized feet are designed to keep it from sliding around on stage or on your desk.

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