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User Review

Anonymous's review - M-Audio Merge 2x2

Slimcase Split / Merge MIDI.
2 among 2 outputs.
Power not supplied externally.

The case is sturdy enough, mtallique and relatively thick, screwed base fold. Everything is not afraid transport or the scene. Catches also seem fairly beefy, but I do not know if they will hold Connecting years / dbranchement (I rarely dbranche). Small anti-draping skates. In short, a good little simple and well finished product that feels good quality and functional aesthetics.


From the point of view operation, the two entries are merges. The resulting signal is then dispatch to both outputs. Of course, cel work if one is connected between (pure split) and even if only one output is used (pure merge). It is possible that the housing must be powered in some cases.
I essentially serve to route my MIDI clock and to overcome the lack of MIDI THRU some a bit older machines. Strangely, sometimes without touching the connections from one day to another the power supply is sometimes ncessaire and sometimes not (often the case in several configs diffrentes tested on multiple machines)! So in the end, I always use no history of food take my head.


I love versatilit it offers. Either merge or split, or both. It allowed me to get out of some situations with my config MIDI moldy. Handy, one should always have this kind of thing in the corner in case o ... (I have both).

This is good stuff but ncessitant an external power supply to operate properly in 3 cases out of 4. In the end, the total price may therefore appear a little lev.