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User Review

Excellent Swiss Army knife for MIDI - Reviews Midi Solutions Event Processor

This little box allows you to translate any statement noon in another ...

It can handle 10 and instructions and can store two values.

The only problem is that it is not complicated mathematical operations or tests in multiple output (like if else).

In any case, the potential of the beast is HUGE.


Software to download is super simple to use ... After MIDI so it's still the basics of digital electronics and computer industry are needed (such Base Hexadecimal, know what a byte ...): basically need to understand the South

For example, if you do not know that:
"Control Change # 98 is MIDI channel 11 is 16"
is equivalent to
BA 62 10 "

Ben's job there. Not be afraid, but it takes a little time to digest everything before ...

PS: You need a PC, a MIDI interface and download MIDI-OX to be able to verify these programs ...
PS2: it fits in the hand
He made his



I use it to boost my Electra es-1 mkII. Indeed, with this toy, I can drive all banks of samples of a Roland SP404 (336 min on 1GB flash card) ... My electribe has 96 new samples controllable using "two parts" (and yes only 2:).

The trick?
Each "hand" controller 48 samples over the pitch. (With motion seq, so I can run any sample when I want ... the class)

Meanwhile, what makes a Korg Electribe without internal memory ...

The +: it is self powered voltage noon: so no power supply in + the small box (that fits in your hand)

I bought without a problem.