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By Roycool, 03/06/2011
I use it for 10 years for midi in and out ...





Oliviercool's review

By Oliviercool, 27/10/2008
This is a very sophisticated MIDI interface that we have here. Indeed, it is also a signal processing device MIDI.

Main functions:

8 MIDI inputs including a front panel and 8 MIDI outputs with a front

Plugs into the PC via the parallel port and / or Mac via two RS422 ports

Can be used with a PC and a Mac anyway (maybe 2) at the same time.

Ability to create a network of several PCs, Macs and Timepieces, compatible with the Motu MIDI Timepiece AV USB Timepiece II and in any case.

Can run completely standalone without a computer.

Routing matrix (Merge - assignment - split) for the input - output physical MIDI (MIDI patchbay) and MIDI channels (rechannelize). It is able to input the 8 MIDI merger, RARE! Only Motu that does this, at last count (end of October 2008) ^ ^

Possibility of transforming one format to another synchronization among the MTC, SMPTE and ADAT anyway.

MIDI filtering possibilities

With pedal jack on the front

PANIC button specially dedicated

Switch from 110 to 230 Volts, RARE! ^ ^

And many others, I did not understand everything.



So there, if you do not understand English, the language is written the user manual that came with it will be difficult to fully exploit the enormous potential of this gear. For my part, I managed to run for now only the die MIDI patchbay.

Fortunately so, because it is primarily why I bought it. Well, I have an Akai ME80p, an 8 input - 10 output MIDI, but I could merger with two inputs and as I have now connected over two keyboards, a drum machine, a MIDI control surface, the signal Sync my multitrack and the return of the computer that you have to merge their emissions and then redistribute the MIDI signal to the expander to the computer and I need a solution that allows me to all this merger. Apart from Midi Solutions, I found nothing other than Motu for the job.

The rest, I could not make it all work because, really, the English, I do not understand that only 10%. And then only for reading, not writing or speaking to. Fortunately, the device updates its internal memory as and when changes because I can not even manage presets (if there are, I&#39;m not even on).

So far I have not managed to find instructions in French, I found it only in English, and again, luckily it came with because the site of Motu, I n I found the instructions but the driver that allows the device to operate standalone, tintin, I found nothing. And the worst part is that you create an account on their site to download these instructions. For that, Motu is definitely not their forte. The result: I end up with a huge camera capabilities that I will have to operate under, I find it a shame.

But hey, that time MIDI patchbay, it admirably fulfills its function, that&#39;s something ^ ^ The MIDI routing matrix is ​​very powerful not only because it can be used as a MIDI patchbay for input - output MIDI but égallement for MIDI channels. It is capable of the 16 channels MIDI merger (the 8 inputs via DIN 8 outlets and 8 inputs via the parallel port or Mac) and 16 MIDI channels for each MIDI channel, and to redirect the spliter to 16 outputs (8 via DIN plugs and 8 via the parallel port or Mac), and this even a MIDI channel to another. For example, it is possible merger channel 6 input 2 with the channel 11 of the inlet 4, to direct the result on channel 2 out of 7, 9 and 15 is too much! ^^^^^ No other MIDI patchbay is able to do that to my knowledge to date (end of October 2008). Thanks to the MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV - and thanks also to the Split function of the Akai ME80p I always use, I can access all my MIDI devices including the computer from keyboards, drum machine and the surface control without the need of any light (I have no specialized electrical group) and without having to connect - disconnect - reconnect the wiring MIDI.

Caution: Do not expect to use it as a MIDI interface with new computers today because malhreureusement, the parallel port has disappeared from the new computer motherboards PC. Same for Macs: The RS422 is a standard that also probably disappeared from recent Macintosh. But Motu arranged for the camera is quite usable despite the disappearance of these two ports, and it is fully usable standalone. And for my part, the small Motu FastLane USB - works very well - good enough for me to connect all the computer. But for the musicians to whom it is important to be able to pass 8 channels and 8 MIDI channels MIDI return is 64 MIDI channels for each direction to and from the computer, the Motu MIDI Timepiece AV USB is widely recommended. It&#39;s the same model of interest here but has a USB port instead of the parallel port.


Well, as expected, the strengths and weaknesses listed below are made-from the little I have managed to operate this device, that is to say, to date, only MIDI patchbay function independently, and I do not even use the function Rechannelize.


Real matrix to MIDI patchbay function: the 8 inputs and 8 channels the MIDI from the computer can be mergées (RARE!), And redirected splitées on 8 outputs and 8 MIDI channels up to the computer.

Rechannelize function: Powerful matrix from merger, redirect and split the 16 MIDI channels, and this even among as many MIDI channels you want. RARE!

Selector 110 to 230 Volts, RARE!



Comes with an instruction manual in English only

Is not easy to use: no manual, difficult to fully exploit.

E feeble internal battery: one must change almost every six months :-((( Well, I let it turn to prevent it from losing its settings in the meantime.

This device has great potential and is virtually unavoidable, even if I use it only as a MIDI patchbay. It&#39;s just too bad the manual is in English. Because of this, 80% of other possibilities of the device will probably never be used. Anyway, since there than in Motu I found the possibility of merger all the entries, I had no choice. It&#39;s true, there are also MIDI Solutions makes a merger 8 - 1 out MIDI but it does not work on AC, it only works through the electrical impulses of the incoming MIDI signal: I&#39;m not sure that works with only one unit if the other attached devices are turned off as unused. I have a merger Box 2 in 1 out of the firm: it only works if both transmitters are on MIDI devices or it does not work.

Other versions of this model:

Motu Midi Timepiece II: same device except that it is on the serial port.

Motu Midi Timepiece AV USB device except that it even has a USB port instead of parallel.

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  • Manufacturer:MOTU
  • Model:Midi Timepiece AV
  • Series:Midi Timepiece
  • Category:MIDI Interfaces
  • Added in our database on: 10/09/2003

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