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User Review

very good product ..... just missing the half pedal function - Reviews M-Audio Sp-2

received last Friday. I am a pianist, I manage the depression of the pedal full, half and quarter pedal etc. (for those who understand). I had at least five pedals "sustain" or (rather strong is the appropriate word) basic plastic that are not at all realistic in the fc4 yamaha which ran the half pedal. the fc 4 dropped me after five years of service. it did not take on tile so it was unplayable, forced to taping on stage foirade during recordings (even taped it moves) what the galley. I bought the sp2 because it was the cheapest, so I'm not risking much. Well good surpise: flexible but hard to walk, accurate, and besides it does not move with its rough rubber coating. I grip a minute while I've never been able to master in other years. Sunday she was in concert and the same conclusion: it changes your life! It lacks one thing: half pedal function on my digital but I do not play classical it's too risky. So to accompany me on songs such French song that is enough. As confirmed pianist and piano teacher, I recommend this product, so to say, takes a thorn from the pianist. And I'm not the type to praise the products systematically.

+ Very good "taken up"!
+ Precise and flexible
+ Does not move when you play
+ Switch polarity reversal

No half-pedal function