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User Review

Almost perfect! - Reviews M-Audio Sp-2

I use it for a few weeks ...

I already had "square" style pedals fc5 yamaha, casio sp3 ... Obviously, nothing.
To get a feel "close" to a piano, it is better to move towards a standard pedal piano, that's for sure!

Otherwise, I also had a susped stagg 10 (perfect grip on the ground, not moving! But poor pedal feel, action, too soft, too soft spring, not enough resistance). I also tested a Casio SP20 (very expensive) action firmer than stagg foot and a little less than the m audio, m audio as adhesion and therefore worse than the stagg.

This audio M is almost perfect: pedal feel great! Action closes, very nice. Flat for adhesion, the pedal moves after a while (think of replacing it from time to time) and it makes noise after a period of time (squeak, squeak ...). EN playing with headphones or an amp ext, we hear nothing but the internal hp piano, it's not terrible.

Value for very good price.

I would do this choice, unless other models sharing this very good firm action to the foot, can overcome the adhesion of the contact and silence.

FYI: m audio firm but noisy and unstable / casio moderately firm, quiet and not very stable and stagg super stable, quiet but too soft.