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User Review

choke not choke! - Reviews sE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter

I use the "reflection fillter" from say 1 year initially with the microphone of the brand "SE X1" and now with AT4047.


Already at the strength of the reflector attachments, must not disassemble bha 20 times if it is tightening a clamp secured, then all the more Serage as "broken ties!" But overall if your not the building that it will hold the road.

Then after the effectiveness to the same reflector, if you démerde not place or stack must poile overlooked the mic is ca stifles your way (I used that for the channel) or it serves as a dale except you take the lead in what must be remembered that to watch your text at the same time it is the m ba .... d! So as I can not stand to buy something so I do not use I found THE ais mic in my position does not serve me fixing the reflector but my foot pole base mic head beats inclined poile one has emerged from the inside and slightly cillons reflector and ca me all seem to be aventageu namely that the pieces according to rec me who is more or less back to let the verb of the piece (piece that makes living room and Hs which has a couple more) to its taf or not.

Here is the conclusion that NONS To not be bought "super revolutionary product" you tinker a little more acoustic treatment (well at least all the same) which may be pleasing even to Madame with a little imagination, because like that in unless you user adjust your monitor problem at the same time.

Otherwise it is better than nothing.

Quality / price ratio .... as even means! I repeat myself but CA BROKEN!

A studio you ...