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User reviews on Other Accessory for Bass products

Domi-D's review (Fender - Premium Gold Bass Cable)

By Domi-D, 21/09/2013
For over two years, connected to the output of the amp to pedalboard. Jack bent to one side, straight jack each other in the classic 6.3 format. Very good workmanship, strong look at "vantage" the cable in blue tweed / black avoids the winding "in tears" that can harm a classic cable, repeating each time its original form.
No problem so far, travel and withstands repeated handling. This cable sold under the appellation "Bass cable" is supposed to be dedicated to the four strings, difficult for me to assess the actual value.
Good quality / price ratio if one is looking for a quality cable, which takes time and look quite nice.

Great length ... (patrick Bleses - BG 43/11)

By jazzzyjazzzy, 08/08/2013
I have two straps for bass in this artisan. My remarks are exactly the same as the BG 84 (see my review). This is good quality, but I find it too long. For bringing its low or very low bass, it's probably good.

To play on the knees? (patrick Bleses - BG 84/8)

By jazzzyjazzzy, 08/08/2013
I bought this strap because I wanted a wide strap for bass. Undeniably the quality is there, but why is it so long? The size is adjustable from 112cm (already quite low, in my opinion) to 138cm (on knees ...). In fact, the strap does not really suits my outfit low (high, so, pretty embroidery on the strap is almost in my back ...). Fortunately, as the leather is of good quality, I could redo other adjustment holes, but hey, if we get behind, what's the point of buying a quality product ... Good bobo, I wanted to support the French crafts (crowing!), But I do not understand why these straps are designed in this way (unless you play with your thumb over the neck or wrist that has very flexible). I do not regret it, but I'm not excited either.

News Other Accessory for Bass

Warwick Just-A-Nut III Brass

Published on 05/17/10
The Just-A-Nut III Brass model is described as "yet another stage in the development of this unique component."