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User reviews on Other Bass Amplifier products

Ideal for home and small rehearsals! (Ampeg - Micro-CL Stack)

By Percolardon, 04/11/2014
RMS -Power: 100W @ 8 Ω
-Section Preamp and amp transistors
-2 Entries 6.35mm, 0 and -15 dB
-control Gain and Eq. medium and severe acute
-Sorties Line 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphone output
For -entrance 3.5mm
Insert-effects for 2 x 6.35mm (preamp output and input Out Power Amp In)
HP -Output: 1 x 6.35mm (HP offered cable)
-Weight & Dim. 6.3 kg 178 x 310 x 254 mm

RMS -Power: 100 W @ 8 Ω
-High Speaker: 2 x 10 "
-response Frequency: 57 Hz to 5 kHz
-1 X 6.35 mm input jack
-Weight And dim. 15.1 kg, 330 x 610 x 279 mm


Very easy to use, no need of manual for it. Playing with the knobs of the EQ and those of the lower one comes easily to get the sound you are looking for.


Strong point on this amp that exudes versatility! I use a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 77. FYI this is a Jazz Bass that has a little character sizeable rock. But the marriage of this bass with the MICRO-CL is excellent. We can do absolutely everything: rock, jazz, funk, pop, metal, dub ... the amp is really versatile while keeping its personality. The grain is nice and the amp has a surprising warmth to a transistor amp.

After that it is a stack with a 100W head + 2x10 "does not propel you to the road of concerts. It is dedicated primarily to extensive work at home / studio or at most in small repeated. We would have liked chouilla a more potato for not being transparent during rehearsals when you have a drummer who crashed his drums ...


I occasionally use it for 1 month. Its look is really likeable and it helps work at home while having a great sound without breaking the bank or the ears of neighbors. Value for the right price.

Very good! (Ampeg - Micro-CL Stack)

By fanfan79100, 25/08/2014
100 W transistor amplifier


- Simple and effective adjustment
- No manual
- The 2x10 inch allows for very interesting treble!


Nickel to rock, funk and slap!


Very good amp for 100 W. We recover the Ampeg grain?
Very convenient the side small separate head and speaker cabinet for transport!
Good price / quality ratio!

Concentrate power and quality! (Genz-Benz - Shuttle 3.0-10T)

By Emmanuel Delahaye, 24/04/2014
Separable amp head (Shuttle 3.0) transistor Class D (180W into 8 ohms, 300W into 4 ohms). And it is not junk Watts ...

1 jack to mute the instrument (and its red light!) Output jack for standard HP and Speakon for extra HP.

1 output jack for the tuner
1 output XLR male (integrated DI) with switches:
- Line level / mic
- Pre / post EQ
- Ground loop

An input / output (2 jacks) to insert an effect (or effects chain ...)
1 auxiliary input (useful for sharing the receiver using a mixer ...)
1 TRS headphone output.

No built-in effects, but a 3-band EQ (parametric medium) and preset curves ...

Adjustable input level
Adjustable output level

All knobs are rotary and notched.

HP tilt.


Simple configuration. Do not hesitate to fumble a bit at first. The doc is well made and still present in my tablet (PDF). I like having the block in front ...

This gives a very good sound quickly and easily!


I used to trad (Irish) and Balkanik (its dry and powerful). Perfect in both cases for me. Its very pure, very precise, very rhythmic (normal for a low ...) Tried with different bass (electro-acoustic solidbody 4, 5 string fretless). Each time, my bass is the sound that goes well, and dream of having the same ... Also perfect for bass.

Incredible power delivered by this little combo that weighs only 8 kg (class D amp ...). Perfect for repeated, of course, but also on stage (a second chamber would be welcome to have big sound).


Use for 4 years. This is my first and only bass amp and I am very very happy. I chose it mainly for weight and small footprint and I discovered its qualities by now! For once, I was lucky (but I was very well advised by the people of Bass Center in Paris).

Apart from its outstanding sound quality, I was very pleasantly surprised by the clever design of connectivity, including integrated DI and auxiliary input (I plug in two other instruments over again). Perfect also for instruments like guitar, bouzouki, the tambura, violin and even keyboards, because the bandwidth is complete.

I not only do the selection, but I highly recommend bassists 'soft' (jazz, lounge ...). No question of rock or metal, of course ... (but why there are larger models with Genz Benz)

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