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User reviews on Other Bass Amplifier products

So simple, yet so satisfying. (Smokey Amplifiers - Smokey Amp Supro)

By heads on fire, 21/10/2011
Solid state
1W amp
1 1/2 inch speaker
9v battery powered (included)
1/4 inch input jack
1/4 inch external speaker jack (defeats the internal speaker)
External speaker jack powers 4, 8, or 16 ohm cabinets
That's it! It's very simple. Also includes stickers and a card detailing proper operation, not that you'd need a manual...


This amp is the coolest! It's the size of a cigarette pack, and some of them come inside a cigarette pack as the packaging. There are no knobs, switches, buttons, or lights - plug in, turn the guitar up, and jam! This doesn't get very loud on its own, and it sounds a bit ratty, but it's enough to practice with. I


On its own, it's ok. Adequate for practice, I'd say. Plugged into an external cabinet, this thing roars! It sounds a lot like an old JCM 800 amp. At least an old JCM 800 that used to belong to me - that's my only JCM 800 reference. Anyways, this amp sounds a lot like that one. All volume/gain controls must be done from the guitar, as well as any tone knob changes. This amp is so simple, yet so satisfying.

The 8 is because the internal speaker sounds bad, but using an external speaker this amp gets downright spooky good and loud. AC/DC should use these in the studio.


$25 is a STEAL for something this cool! This is a perfect stocking stuffer, birthday present, gift for yourself... And it costs less than the price of an ultra cheap stomp box! I am so impressed with this amp, I've bought four, and I've given two away. There's a version with cigarette packaging, for adults or for smokers, and then there's the version with a plastic casing, which is probably more durable, and doesn't send a smoking message to children. Either way, this amp smokes!

Very good! (Ampeg - Micro-CL Stack)

By fanfan79100, 25/08/2014
100 W transistor amplifier


- Simple and effective adjustment
- No manual
- The 2x10 inch allows for very interesting treble!


Nickel to rock, funk and slap!


Very good amp for 100 W. We recover the Ampeg grain?
Very convenient the side small separate head and speaker cabinet for transport!
Good price / quality ratio!

Smokey Amp: a surprise package! (Smokey Amplifiers - Recycled Cigarette Pack Smokey Amp)

By MetalDerf, 20/09/2013
This is a handheld battery operated amp. It is manufactured from a pack of cigarettes.
Level there is a connection between 6.35 for guitar and an output for external BAFLE.
This output can also be used to connect the amp instrument between a classic amp. I come back later.
It DLivre a power of 1 W in stand-alone mode. Branch a cab, it's something else ... I returned later as well.
There are no rglage, everything is done the guitar.


The configuration is very simple.Il are three possible use of Smokey Amp. I Business detail thereafter.
The manual is very succin it like a business card, but that's enough given the simplicity of the thing.
It is easy to get a good sound, as long as the sound is our taste is very ... typ.


1- In stand-alone
The sound will depend entirely on rglage and characteristic of your guitar. Keeping in mind that the built-HP is plastic and made a diameter infrieur a cigarette pack, all is well. By varying the volume, I can get a pretty clear sound even with humbuckers.

2 Connect a cab.
T he takes another dimension! I test on my HP Marshall VS 100, adcoiffe !! One wonders how this thing develops such power! I think adding a volume pedal between the amp and cab would be welcome to tame the craft. If not for rglages see config. 1

3- Fuzz Box.
Branch between the guitar and amp, we get a fuzz sound really grotty but perfectly usable and very musical. On my Marshall Lead 12, it sounds awesome. Always varying the volume can be Lighten the way his 70's, and other Stooges but no sound clear (at the same time there would be nothing to plug the machine in this case l.
The drawback is that it does there is no switch to dbrayer effect, but do not ask too much either, it's not a dale.


I reu yesterday and I'm not nearly to lick. A First seen is a gimmick. But once we test the possibilities diffrentes addition to the simplicity of pocket amp, use Fuzz Box is in my opinion the big plus of the object. Unless you already have a fuzz pedal of course.
The report qualitprix depends on how one sees the Smokey Amp. In simple pocket amp for the same price, there are stronger and more rglage. But it's the cot Fuzz Box and connection to cab that really make it interesting.
In short this is a use that will be just a gimmick, a veritable tool.

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