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User Review

very good reverb - Reviews EBS DynaVerb

Digital Reverb low a priori but which is very suitable for guitar, etc. ...

- 2 knobs - reverb (mix) and tone (which is only the effect, not the guitar sound)
- 1 switch to select the type of reverb - Hall, Plate and Room.
- 1 switch to combine the type of reverb with 3 different intensities (A, B or C).

So we have 8 possible reverbs at all (for Hall, C is identical to B.)

No 'Trails' (the net effect when cutting bypasses the pedal)

+ 1 internal switch (I have not tested) to the pedal in series or parallel.
2 inputs + 2 outputs for stereo
true bypass
9volt DC. battery or AC. 80ma. 1SPOT, VL Power2plus, etc., will be fine.


No need to book, you choose the type of reverb, A, B or C, both knobs are adjusted. it's ok.

The possibilities are pretty standard and simple. All functions are reactive, nothing seems superfluous.

One can find a good sound quickly without much break the head or get further and get something thin. good potential.


I use it with an electric guitar. I was looking for a pedal with a tone setting and a slightly cleaner than my old Holy Grail without being too 'studio' and with good manufacturing quality effect. For that, it is nickel!

When I tested this EBS, I immediately liked the overall color effect, very responsive and musical.

No Spring reverb, no sound or vintage fenderien, no infinite reverb'' 'either, or decay similar to the Neunaber Wet.
It is perfect to add a little ambiance to create a plan but for more radical without losing the sound of the guitar.
I have not yet used in concert. we'll see.


I use it for a week. I tested before the Strymon Flint, Neunaber Wet stereo, Trex Roommate junior and TC electronic Hall of Fame.

I wanted to upgrade after a few years my Holy Grail, which is not too bad but a bit lousy (problem switch, reverb that kills the sound of the guitar, needless Flerb).

No noise or hums. When the knobs mix is ​​zero, no significant change in its relation to the effect bypassed. It is important to me because my DR Z Maz 18 made me hear everything. I became fussy it.

on the other hand, € 200, I find it a bit pricey for the made in china. I would have liked to test the Tech 21 Boost Rvb too. Otherwise, yes, I probably do this choice.