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User Review

A real synth - Reviews Markbass Super Synth

the pedal is divided into two sections both numeric:
- Section octave
- Synth section

There is a USB port (cable not supplied think ahead to avoid frustration in receiving the bike :)), one input and two outputs right jack (mono) and left

The pedal is true-bypass and this is a good thing

the great strength of this material is the ability to edit all sounds (including the octave part) via downloadable software on the Markbass website

First regret - already! - Is the lack of a dedicated direct output to its dry which was frankly welcome given the type of sound generated by the pedal: So I go through a splitter type ABY so that our sound engineer can mix and process as it should synthetic sounds independently of my bass sound (especially as it is also taken up by micro)
On this point ... I want to say - in grumpy fashion - .... it's really too bad!


Mastering the different settings, find the sensitivity for your game .. all this takes a little time to spend on the publisher.

Otherwise live ergonomics is very good: a push right to increment presets, a true bypass in the center, a synth selector / octaver right

For those who love and have spent time fiddling synthetic sounds all is quite simple with three oscillators (each decked 4 parameters), a resonant filter (whose frequency is the only parameter available for off-editor pedal so in real time), a simplified envelope (but not ADSR but attack, release, portamento and "envelope") and a section for tune triggers and dynamics.
It is this last part that will require some attention so that the pedal does not react anyhow and do not pick up too.

Moreover concerning the reactivity I must say that Markbass assured: it follows not bad at all! Unfortunately not as good on the rope so bad but this is a habit of this kind of digital effects.
I think the best expression is in the medium range of the bass.
It is also possible good "groover" on bass notes but the setting that you will do will be wrong for the rest .... and vice versa.


Octaver about, first of all, I was pleasantly surprised given the criticism he was being around me.
Indeed, what I find interesting is precisely the digital side, certainly, but with a beautiful grain. For a more classic sound octave it will not replace your analog pedal. I note that in any case among all those I've tried it is one of those who won the least or almost never!

On the synth part is simply pedal richest moment and beast out of real sounds very dynamic synths but very clean!
This is so hot and fat without a MicroSynth EH but it is much more accurate!
Besides, I think the two complement each other perfectly.

Concerning the use I make I would separate into two parts:

- The "groove" with a synth sound but never wet, direct sound of the bass is there to ensure potential dropouts and bring warmth

- Solos and other delusions that I will not hesitate to completely cut the direct sound. Here it is placed or not directly related to the style of music you play and get musical results adding external effects is a plus (reverb, delay, modulation ....)
And .... where once again the very noticeable lack of a "dry" output!
there I want to say - in calimero fashion - ..... it's really too inzuste!


To conclude I would say that this material is quite rich in possibilities, sold at a reasonable price and the quality of what you will directly depend on how you use it.
Test before buying is essential.
Do not lose sight that this is an effect for bass and there is no question of replacing a real synth. There is not no more a bass synth as you might imagine with a Roland GK-type sensor.

So be sure that the style of music you play will allow you to leave a little space if it is reduced to the level of guaranteed gadget (and direction closet).

This is the kind of effect that needs to be tamed and worked: again it is you who will be a very musical object is a common gadget.