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User Review

Very good fuzz, but not any lower .... - Reviews Tech 21 Bass Boost Fuzz

A boost and a Fuzz, 2 functions in a pedal.
Potentiometer level, tone, drive, clean.
Taking power supply on the side near a jack .... this is not awesome.

The "level" is only on the fuzz and "+ clean" only on light volume, so there is 2 Separate volumes, perfect for the combination. The tone is only on the fuzz too, and of course the drive also on the fuzz.


Takes a little fiddling and testing for 1 h to know well the pots and remove the sound you want.

The boost does a very good job too.


Setup: GK fusion Mb + markbass traveler 121h

A fuzz "Tears" literally and figuratively, it is typed, I love it! This is not a standard fuzz.
Gibson Thunderbird IV with my Squier or matt freeman, it sounds great with or without the dosing clean, but it loses fuzz 100% accuracy and is more suitable for slow riff.

Importantly, mixing fuzz with saturated (fat crunch) lamps in my case channel (GK fusion Mb) gives a disgusting mush and inaudible, it's not mix at all, unlike my Aguilar agro (which is no fuzz) with its inflated and extended.

Attention to your tweeter cab also, cut or set to minimum, if frying guaranteed!


I hesitated with darkglass duality that looks to be a sacred beast also with its dual fuzz circuit, but much more expensive! The fuzz bass boost is cheaper and I had already tried, and it overwhelmed me.