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User reviews on Other Cable/Connector products

Must have (Roland - GKC-5)

By sw80, 12/11/2012
The Roland GKC-5 is a 15’ cable that has a 13 pin connector on it to use with your guitar set up. I currently only a lot of these cables because they are my favorite and have never let me down. The end cap connectors are well made and will not break or fail on you in any situations. You can also purchase this cable in a 30 foot length for about 15 more dollars than the 15 foot length cost.
Before I started using the GKC-5 cables I was just using whatever cheap cable I could get my hands on because I didn’t think that it would make that much of a difference but once you get the GKC-5 you will notice some differences right away. If you are using a GR guitar, make sure you don’t go out and get a cheap off brand cable, go get the GKC-15 and save yourself a headache later.
The best part about the GKC cable is the life of it, it will last you forever and when you are performing you need something that you can rely on because all gear fails from time to time. It will give you a piece of mind not having to worry about your cords.
Overall, this is a must have you have a GK guitar system. There are locks on both ends of the cable and it is worth every penny that it cost. When it comes to cables it took me a long time to understand the importance of getting a good quality one. But now I know that you get what you pay for and buying those cheap 10 dollar off brand cables online will only fail on you later on down the road. The Roland GKC-5 is the best cable for a GK guitar system period! They are must haves!

No need for the ol' box interface (Alesis - GuitarLink Plus)

By stompboxjon, 12/03/2013
The Alesis Guitar Link Plus is a perfect way to get your guitar tracks right in your computer without having to purchase an interface with other inputs or having any other bulky gear around. All you need is this cord and your computer. You can even use it with an iPad via USB connections but you will need to purchase the iPad USB adapter which is not very expensive. I mainly use this with my iPad and recording into various apps.
It does come with Guitar Rig LE that has a few amps and effects to work with right out of the gate. I do own the full version of Guitar Rig and I can say it is worth the money to have it. The LE is ok, but upgrade to the full version if you really want to get the best out of it.
The cord length is over is pretty long making it easy to have my iPad on the table while recording into it from sitting in a chair or at my desk. The quality of recording you will get is ok but it is nothing that makes me not want to record with my interfaces anymore. This is just a cable that I keep with me in my bag with my iPad so that I can always record some guitar riffs and ideas into my iPads and sometimes later I will take that audio clip and bring it back to my studio to add more effects via Guitar Rig and other plug ins.
The Guitar Link is very inexpensive and it is a must have for any guitarist that wants to record and doesn’t want to mess with bulky interfaces dealing with a bunch of technicalities. I have been using the Guitar Link Plus for a while now. I do not use it a lot because I definitely get better sounding recordings with my interface but it is handy to have and pretty darn cool to use with an iPad.

Clear quality (Mogami - Silver Series XLR Microphone Cable)

By MountAnDewMe, 22/08/2013
Cables are often the part of our signal chain that is taken for granted even though they play a vital role in the signal chain. I have owned and used Mogami instrument cables for years and have never had one fail and still believe they offer some of the highest quality of sound available. The price stated above was for a 25 foot length of cable. When I upgraded my studio this year I needed to add many new devices that I had not had in the past. Now that I had the need for a few XLR cables for reamping, micing sources, and routing signals I knew that I would want to keep the signal quality as high as possible.
To anyone not familiar with Mogami cables they may appear to be odd and cheap looking but do not judge the book by the cover. While the connectors are big and substantial with gold plated connectors are as tough and responsive as they look many people think the cables will not work well because of the thinness. These cables may look thin and honestly I agree they do seem like they would be inadequate but that is not the case. As I stated earlier I have been using these cables and I still have all my original ones from almost ten years ago all in perfect working order. They are incredibly tough. They also reject outside noise and handling noise as if they were 5 times ticker than they are. It is truly confusing how they achieved this but they did and it works.
Now the real deal is in the quality of sound. I have found that these cables do not color the sound like some other high end cables do. Instead they are airy and full. I can hear less compression then with a cheaper quality cable and the frequency response seems broader and even. If it were in my budget I would move up to the gold series cables all around as they are even more pristine sounding but as far as bang for the buck goes I would always say the silver series wins hands down.

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Adam Hall unveils the Rolling Stones cables

Published on 06/13/14
Adam Hall is taking advantage of the new Rolling Stones tour to unveil its new Signature audio cables for microphone and instrument.

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