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User Review

The first day of the rest ... - Reviews Ecler Crossfader ETERNAL

Of my life.
And the first review about this cross. Surprising.

The crossfader is fantastic. I have not had the opportunity to feel the masses: the behringer (a filth, of course), followed by ecler base, I decided to go to the eternal fader after a little more a year with my most faithful feel that before a Special stanton scratch if I do not say stupidity.

Purchased at the beginning of December, the eternal is a killer, there sees what a crossfader. I read in several places that this would be the best crossfader market and I willingly believe. It slides alone, a single shot and the fader through the entire length of the cross, a pleasure for the crab that I rediscovered. After the basic triturated trying to achieve the cleanest crabs, pass over us achieve wonders. The whole is robust, one feels, the quality is there. The experience is a bit disconcerting for the first half hour but there is surprise, we made it very quickly. We quickly found our brands, and although it may seem silly to say that a cross whose principle is finally having the best slides, brands are very intuitively.

Coupled adjusting the curve ecler nuo 2.0, it is really home.

Laying on a ecler nuo 2.0 is extremely easy. The most annoying is the removal of the shell.
Only add, what to say ... It is difficult to tell tonnes a simple crossfader. But now, this crossfader is fantastic, ultra precise magnitude of the race you want to describe it, just simply a good mix acquired property. And yet, I have not tried to improve more precise adjustment.

The quality / price ratio ... € 180 if I remember correctly. Is not given, it's a X1/F1 of Native Instruments, it's a good headphone, it's between 8 and 20 vinyl, it's a new firmwire for his MPC. Finally, this cross to € 180 is a fair price. Not too much not to disgust us, this is a purchase that you do not regret it. The warranty lasts for 5 years. It promises 5 years of fun with our unbeatable faithful mixer. When we scratch, it is a thousand times worth it. This is a real treat.

I would do this choice as many times as necessary until the fader is made of better quality. For now, I have not the slightest idea of ​​what might look like a better cross.

Well, that's it ... It is a love story that just begun, which reinforces the triptych that I form with my table and my plate.