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Radial Engineering launches the SB-15 Tailbone

Radial Engineering announces the availability of a new StageBug dedicated to signal buffering for your effect pedals.

The StageBug SB-15 Tailbone includes the Radial Dragster load correction circuit as well as the same Class A buffer as the one used on the Radial JD7. A Class A 100 discrete gain amp is also included.

The SB-15 features a high impedance (Hi-Z) input on 1/4” jack and once buffered the signal, the impedance is reduced in order to avoid hum and buzz caused by radio interferences and electromagnetic fields. Radial adds that the SB-15 Tailbone can be used with multiple pedals in a distance up to 15m without any noise.

Along with the buffer feature, the StageBug SB-15 Tailbone offers two 9V DC inputs, the box being able to convert them into a 15V DC output.

The StageBug SB-15 Tailbone is available in the US for $90.