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User Review

f.i.t.n's review - Cort RB5

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<div class="avisPartTitle"> Lutherie / Features / Finishes </div>

The materials used are they good quality?
Very good quality and the superposition of two species of wood that form the body is the best effect.
What kind of handle this low?
Bolt 24 cases. A highway just; When buying this bass I decided to spend a day alone in Paris and have fun to try several to do a good choice. All the ones I tried had a very good sound, all I could acquire them only handle does not really suit
- Ibanez BTB5: tree trunk
- Ibanez SR: strings too close together, I hung in two slap each time
- Cort A5: same for strings
- Warwick Corvette: a sleeve to fall but its too thick
- .... Etc. etc. etc. ....... .......
In fact I came across this one completely by chance, the seller advised me right away (Bass Center, and a publicity stunt ...;-)) and actually found some width to handle me had repelled the BTB but he was flat and so comfortable that I said yes before even having plugged.
The pickups and electronics are they quality?
Bartolini MK1, it sounds on it, but the sound of big blocks starting to get a little drunk (it's all matter of taste, it does not call into question their quality) I would keep it but add that bass kit Micro more simple type J-Bass much finer level of sound. Only problem: the size, I do not know if there is low micro concepts such as "simple micro dual format", like the guitar. Example: p = p-94-90 in dual format, dual hot-rail format = simple
The tuners are they stable? SAR on this topic
Is she inspires this low confidence in the long term, have you noticed any particular problems? No </div>


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<div class="avisPartTitle"> Playability </div>

The grip is it nice? Tiring?
Yes, very nice, hand wanders alone, he knows soon be forgotten.
Access to acute is it easy? Oh yes, a baby Jesus in velvet breeches.
Access to the tone controls, volume, the pickup selector in the active mode ... is it easy? RAS. Just when it was not used to all these knobs, you must test them one by one has to know what they do. That's it
The bass-heavy, unbalanced? She made her weight but is not excessive ultra either. Only thing, the inferior horn of the bass being reversed from the low standard and it just tend to get back in the thigh after some playing time and is not always pleasant. Everything depends on the size of the individual. </div>


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<div class="avisPartTitle"> His </div>

The overall sound is good? Yes but see above. I seek something more distinctive J-bass so I can see going to change the pickups.
The corrections are effective? Excellent
If it exists, the active mode is satisfactory? He adds to the sound of breath? Absqolument not
In terms of type of sound, this bass is it restricted to one style or is it rather versatile? Super versatile. At home I am more and a little Rock Funk Metal. I used it on stage in groups of Balloch. Basically on the Red Hot, Metallica, Compagnie Creole or Gilbert Montagnier, it does :-) </div>


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<div class="avisPartTitle"> General Notice </div>

This bass satisfy you? Yes, largely. I repeat, I just want to change the micro kit not because it is bad far from it. It's just my ear and evolving search of something finer.
The would you advise another bassist, under what conditions? No conditions, it kills the bass.
The price / performance ratio is satisfactory? Yes insofar as some of its features are found only on more expensive basses. Rec stuff but that make a difference: zero fret eg ...
Why did you buy this bass, with what (s) other models you hesitate,
why did you choose it? Because I liked it because it was just over my budget, and because it rings and the handle is great. I will wish one day acquire a Fender J-Bass U.S. Standard type but now we will wait a bit because, NO MONEY IN ZE POCKET. </div>