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User Review

stefbass's review - Cort RB5

It is a low manufacturing Coren, 24 frets with zero fret and the end of the sleeve, the microphones are Bartolini, the bridge is solid, and five knob on the table, or we RULES mediums, acute , bass, midrange and bass boost, and the handle is comfortable trs


The handle is really enjoyable to play trs, Access in acute is very easy thanks the wide notches, with good ergonomics trs think because it does not sting at all the nose, the violin is, when it has good quality of TRS, we really feel to be on a low luthier (I think c'tait order!), the rglages trs are effective, we pass from light to trs big bass sound very heavy, it is versatile trs


I use it for 2 weeks and I won, I play in an orchestra or dance I have to have a broad palette of sounds, and she is doing wonderfully, I plugged into a head Berhinger BXT 300, with the baffle 4 hp BUGERA aluminum, and really it's the killing (and yes it's not the Berhinger m. ...., despite what the vendors!), at home my Music is prdilection Plutt Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion and it it makes me the greatest pleasure, we are happy to take a Marcus Miller Victor Wooten OR one (even if the fingers and the brain have difficulty agreeing !!!), frankly say anything!


Without any hsitation I would do the same choice, I also played a Warwick thumb bolt on 6 string that I dj given an opinion, and it really comes from that it complment , even though the violin, weight, sound, look and especially the price diffrent (especially for the price there is no picture!), I am thrilled, because it may be a Cort (Rob Elrick licensed all of the same!) but increasingly their stuff does not really ashamed of the West.