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User Review

A killer! - Reviews Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V Ash [2004-2009]

I do not you stall technical details that abound on the net ... but this is High Quality.
I am strong supporter of transversantes strings (Through body) that add sustain
The bridge is not a High Mass, which does not seem useful to me with transversantes strings, since there is no torsion of the plate.
Microphones, SCN, contain rare metals, and my faith it means .. extraordinary brightness.
However, attention to have a quality amp to highlight these pickups. (EBS for me)
Maple fingerboard .. Slamming when needed. Slap wonderful ...


A handle whose reputation is second to none .. end, easy ... With specific frets.
Access to acute I do not care, it is the job of guitarist.


I play Pop, 70's .. essentially occasions and I always find the right when I want to finesse her, otherwise I have other things more bass for carton: Deluxe Jaguar Fender American Standard Precision 2012 (it serious pummeled) (RHCP) Guild Pilot for all that is metal (Muse, Rage Against The Machine) and DBASS Duesenberg for the five-string Violin Bass for ballads ...
We can still all assertions with Jazz basa.
The notes are accurate. The sustain is to go.
If you Append him good pedals, good conectques and a good amp, you just sound perfect. It's expensive, yes, but connect an American Deluxe on a screaming amp (Hartke eg ..) it removes its own merits ...
Wood species of American Deluxe bring him more who perceives with other good links ...


Six months. And it is a pleasure every time.
Owning several low renewed pleasure every time I come out of the wall ..
With American Standard Precision 2012 These are my favorite ...
Yet I was not fond of Fender, but I must admit they have mastered the subject .. 70 years they produce low, they know how to do ...