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Ibanez EDB605

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crrcrr's review

By crrcrr, 12/03/2009
See previous review
24 frets
3-band active EQ (a real plus)
2 humbuckers passive


- The handle is it nice?
The handle is very comfortable to play

- Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?
Who can do more can do less easily accessible by as few positions.

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
The bass is well balanced, no worries, but remains heavy to very heavy

- Do you get easily a good sound ...?
Yes, its not typed with too little character. This has the effect of making it versatile, but not really engaging


- Are they suitable for your style of music?
Metal at the time. Did not perform miracles but sit well rhythmic

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
The "Starter Pack" HARTKE: HA3500 + VX410 + VX115

- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
Rather dull.

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
Knob the "medium" is a real plus because the preamp not being of exceptional quality, allowing it to dig the sound without making it become bloated by adding too much bass. Therefore, the rock sound is nice. Slap sound much less


I used it between 2000 and 2003 and is testing a friend's little there that made me want to recount my past, my joys and frustrations with this bass.

Globally and objectively, it's not a bad instrument, though its weight makes it difficult to wear for long periods and the sound have hardly any character.

I bought 3200frs at the time after a magazine article on bass (I think), who had noted and indeed: for this price, the violin is very correct, the mechanical hold well and the tuning easel easily adjustable.

Value for money more than respectable, especially hand

linn134's review

By linn134, 13/11/2007
Notice the original post 11/11/2004


Book cover with Elixir strings.
Trs reliable and robust.

Mine is blue. luthite and body is an exceptional feel. A handle and super high-level MCAS. (I play above 2 4 hours per day and it does not dsaccorde with hair!)

Correction of November 2007

No complaints about the reliability.


Notice the original post 11/11/2004


Tres balance, as enjoyable to watch and wear.
Thurs standing or sitting without fatigue.
The rglages are of incomparable ease.

Correction of November 2007

Simple, easy to understand and moderately effective.


Notice the original post 11/11/2004

Of the three amps that I used your exact is bluffing:
- Marshall Park GB15: the amp is not powerful and low passes over into active 5C Stura death. We spend a bigger amp ... rsultat unplayable.

- Peavey TNT115s: good power, but the amp lacks contour, all the notes are prcises, but you have to play with pramp Aiges to boost ... rsultat okay anyway.

- Ampeg BA115: (mine) is going to Retailer the quality standard of this brand, so its just the whole excellent. A tweeter on this MODEL can play expressive and harmonic free, clean and prcises. Everything goes, from the low funk / pop / jazz biggest mtal ...

If an empty coffee sucks even give all the juice on a good amp, it must be admitted that the couple EDB605 / trs BA115 is high. We will end the fat without having to play the correction, simply wanders between the microphones.

Correction of November 2007

That means everywhere. Neither good nor bad.


Notice the original post 11/11/2004

A model versatile ... but not without personality.
I confess, I never support the Fender and clones. But I did not low DLIR.
I also use an ARIA TAB60 and low custom, but this is my l prfre.
A real 5-string with a handle end and just wide. A game while flexibility, but a big big sound.
The electronic active trs reliable, no crachottement, corrections and sensitive broad-band but the sound is looking for a few wanted the game is always l.
I use it on an amp Ampeg BA115 or a prampli ART TPS before attacking the console.
Nature, the sound is fat and deep to clear or mtallique trs. A Korg Pandora PX3B allows me to broaden the sonic palette of a few effects LGERS.
Premire is my 5-string bass and also my Premire "high end". For if the price is reasonable, the quality and sound are gnrale trs above the competition in this range. It is therefore an excellent mid-range or a good high end.
Easy to play, but versatile rich prsence trs and DEFINITIONS, she is formidable in the game the finger and the handle allows excellent soft sleeves devastating raids!
The top.
Ibanez has done it again trs fort.

Correction of November 2007

The EDB605 allowed me to take my first steps on a 5 string.
Its a Good finish and jouabilit of good quality. Luthite the body is not as bad as one might think, it is dense and provides a comparable rsonnance that of a timber means.

The pickups are not height, it becomes clear when trying to slap one's a little more qu'annecdotique. The sound is still trs synthetic: we approach everything, but without achieving anything. This is the price paid for a versatile bass, but excel in any medium in any way. Do not think that is a bad instrument, it satisfied many of its powerful mtalleux greedy. Mdiator playing this up for his lack of claret but give it lacks the guts.

That said, this bass is reliable, sturdy and fairly well drawn. But it is typical Ibanez: it is average, but without any charm and personality. Trs is much to play everything, but absolutely not recommended for a game SPECIFICATIONS. Amp snoring and largely color (Ampeg, for example) will give a little more charm this low. On a neutral amp and Fidler (which is rare) is not a.

Arnaud_B's review

By Arnaud_B, 19/04/2006
This bass is made in Korea, I think. It has a handle luthite of 24 frets and has an active electronic: bass, middle, trebble + knob a volume and a balance between the two microphones.


The strings are a bit remote from the handle, which does not ease the acute sounds, especially when playing in tapping.

In addition, the strings are very close to each other for a 5 string: suddenly, it's nice when you play with your fingers or a pick, but not practical slap (you must be careful not to resonate strings that do not play).

Access is very easy to acute, mild cavity is dug under the D and G strings to facilitate the slap game. Another good point: it is relatively lightweight and compact (it is much thinner than a jazz bass).

In contrast, the neck pickup is placed close enough to it. To slap on the brink, we must be vigilant. For the three-finger slap, not practical. But hey, that's detail!


The electronics are really effective. It affects three pots of the equalizer, the balance between the pickups, and we always find the sound you want. I think it is sorely lacking in treble from the 14th fret (mostly slap and tapping).

However, in the bass and mids, it provides a warm, round, which groove to perfection.

I use a Trace Elliot 130 GP7sm to play pop / rock, metal, funk, ... In short, it is very versatile. I also occasionally a Digitech BNX 3.


I use it for 5 years and I think it has good arguments for it in terms of value for money and versatility. It is still very special to play (I did not realize because I'm used to but when I ready, I am told it is bizarre to play or that one hurts). This is probably the strings close to each other and away from the handle.

For fans of big technique (tapping and slap excessive), it is not the best choice. Otherwise, it remains remarkable efficiency for a conventional game. A better definition in the highs would place probably at the top of its class. If I had to go back, I do not know if I would do this choice, but in any case, I still advise.

Ibanez EDB 605

By MGR/Sanka, 28/11/2004
I got this little mama from my first big purchase off eBay, and I paid 500 Australian for it second hand with a Gator hardcase. I wanted to move into progressive rock and I don't think proggies know 4-string basses exist.

The bass and hardcase were good as new when I got them, and I couldn't believe I'd got them for the price I paid.
Well, beauty's only skin deep, so I guess you can call me a shallow, superficial prick whom you never want to see again, no matter how much I call.
Aww, now I feel bad.
But yeah, this thing looks sleek as, and the solid Luthite body makes it weigh as much as a small horse. (Or a very large dog, if you're so inclined). Some might count this as a negative, but I hate the feeling of playing a guitar made of balsa wood.
The active pickups combined with high, mid and low tonal control knobs make for an amazing diversity of sound. I can sound like an upright bass, a church bell, and even a small horse! (Ok, no more animals).
The strings are fairly light, and the action nice n low, and the root of the neck angles off at the higher strings to allow more room for popping (the strings, you pervert).

Probably the only thing I'd whinge about is the tuners aren't the best - I have to retune before every time I play. Oh yeah, and this bass is going to cost me thouands of dollars to buy a stack to do it justice.

The Ergodyne is INDESTRUCTIBLE. This, and cockroaches, are the only things that will survive a global nuclear exchange. (So expect to see a lot of all-bass mutant roach bands if the world stage gets a little too tense).
For the price I paid, this bass easily surpasses all expectations (except the tuning system, whihc I mentioned above). The low B string is a little slacker than it might be, but you have to go up to Warwicks and Spectors to find that sort of feel.

So in short, the EDB 650 Ergodyne bass is excellent value for money. Versatile sound, elegant look, and you could drive a semitrailer (or small horse) over it. Wouldn't part with this bass for almost anything. (And I've plasyed it's successor, the EDA series, and I think it's a step backwards). If you're looking for a first five-string and you don't have a couple of grand to splash, go with this.

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