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User Review

Arnaud_B's review - Ibanez EDB605

This bass is made in Korea, I think. It has a handle luthite of 24 frets and has an active electronic: bass, middle, trebble + knob a volume and a balance between the two microphones.


The strings are a bit remote from the handle, which does not ease the acute sounds, especially when playing in tapping.

In addition, the strings are very close to each other for a 5 string: suddenly, it's nice when you play with your fingers or a pick, but not practical slap (you must be careful not to resonate strings that do not play).

Access is very easy to acute, mild cavity is dug under the D and G strings to facilitate the slap game. Another good point: it is relatively lightweight and compact (it is much thinner than a jazz bass).

In contrast, the neck pickup is placed close enough to it. To slap on the brink, we must be vigilant. For the three-finger slap, not practical. But hey, that's detail!


The electronics are really effective. It affects three pots of the equalizer, the balance between the pickups, and we always find the sound you want. I think it is sorely lacking in treble from the 14th fret (mostly slap and tapping).

However, in the bass and mids, it provides a warm, round, which groove to perfection.

I use a Trace Elliot 130 GP7sm to play pop / rock, metal, funk, ... In short, it is very versatile. I also occasionally a Digitech BNX 3.


I use it for 5 years and I think it has good arguments for it in terms of value for money and versatility. It is still very special to play (I did not realize because I'm used to but when I ready, I am told it is bizarre to play or that one hurts). This is probably the strings close to each other and away from the handle.

For fans of big technique (tapping and slap excessive), it is not the best choice. Otherwise, it remains remarkable efficiency for a conventional game. A better definition in the highs would place probably at the top of its class. If I had to go back, I do not know if I would do this choice, but in any case, I still advise.