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User Review

MACHINE GUN - Reviews Music Man StingRay 5

California U.S. 34. "It is blue trasparent.
MM bridge, the top.
5 strings one microphone.
Channel Bird Eyes oiled.
3-band active + Volume + windings sector (single / parallel / serial).

I exchanged against a Warwick FNA 5 (1 micro) more input.

I play on Hartke 1000 and now GK MB500 + fusion Mesa Powerhouse 115 and 210.


Channel and maple fingerboard.
The handle should be oiled waxed + 2 sides of once a year and no matter how otherwise serious setbacks.
It is very nice. A feature size is that the G string is very prèt the sleeve edge. it takes some practice because it tends to "derail" the handle at first.

Another most annoying feature is that the handle moves oiled regularly (humidity) and as stated in the doc musicman must have his little rod still in the pouch for soft or relax (flat / curved), do not take offense. And it happens when you least expect it more of course. The truss is a wheel nut with holes, easy. I happened to find myself two times with no set just before the gig and find a nail ace time round there is not easy and it stress.

I take 2 points for these two features rather annoying.


Weapon of war. It is present regardless of the noise level of "colleagues." No holes in the registry. Undeniable potato.
Very versatile despite the single microphone.

However, the real 34 "behind many strings (it's nice to play with a pick and fingers) and it should handle the small onions to make it fully feasible slap. Jai Yamaha BB is much easier for the style of play Jenlève 1 point for that.

I only use the coils in parallel.


2.5 years concoctions as many played.
I tried many other models in my life I am old, Warwick FNA, Vigier Arpege, Fender JB and P, Ibanez ATK, Aria Pro II, Musicman Sabre, etc.. But I do not buy the bass function tests performed a priori. I bought this drive and I see. My last bass were: FNA5 ATK305 japan then and now Stingray 5 (I always play the ATK and also Yam BB615 upgraded correctly, I like it because it is light for rpeter and an impressive violin quality I know it's made in Taiwan bouuu the ugly!). I do not play more than 4 strings except for work or sessions slap.