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Wavesfactory introduces Phi

Have you remarked how the Golden Number is everywhere to be seen but not much to be heard? Well, that was until now: Wavesfactory introduces Phi.

Wavesfactory's VST/AU Phi plug-in applies the Divine Proportion (or Phi) to your music, re-arranging the samples of your track to follow the 1.618 ratio. There is just one control, amount, that sets how much perfection you want to be applied by blending the original signal with the "divine" signal. Resulting music will sound just beautiful, natural, organic, alive - for an almost spiritual experience.

Phi is not an EQ, a compressor or even any other single effect you've ever come across with. This is something that has been known for millenials and that has lived within us forever. Now, finally, you can use the Golden Ratio in your music. And, it's free!

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