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User Review

I'm now just a "Hysteric Audience Creator" (HAC) away from stardom !!! - Reviews DigiTech Trio+ Band Creator + Looper

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Hi to all, it is it is a privilege and an honour – and my pleasure – to be the first to share my opinion on this device.

HOW I USE IT: no doubt about it, it’s not tailored for live situations but for home use, having fun alone at home, playing, working, getting better… or why not have fun with friends!
Although curious of the first TRIO’s technical prowess, I never was really convinced and eventually forgot about it.

BUT, the addition of a looper changes everything. Let alone how difficult it can be to sync a Boss RC2 and a Trio, or the cost of a Pigtronix Infinity + Beat Buddy combo (lifetime indebtment in a… well, two boxes !).
TRIO+ is better than anything, fantastic!

A wonder of a device, and a real tech marvel.
Still, it’s just like seeing a pretty girl, you immediately become picky and try to find what’s wrong. Here it is (from the least to the most important):

1/ is included, a stereo jack plug for the Mixer out would have allowed for separate bass and drums outputs. Granted, it would take two speakers, but why not?
2/ it lacks a “fade out” feature. When you stop a song, it stops immediately – a bit violently too.
3/ It lacks a button to allow it to be used as a drum machine only for jamming. Like no learning curve, no bass, you pick a genre, style, and let’s go! This could easily have been implemented.
4/ a direct learn mode from a loop would have been a nice addition. As a former Boss RC2 user, this is still what I look after first : I record a loop, and the drum part settles to it. With the TRIO+, I play chords, gat the bass + drum, then I play the chords again in loop mode. Of course a direct learn mode doesn’t work 100% of the time, but most often it does.
5/ AND MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE… NO learning mode for alternating live between several PARTS. One has to stop the track, press “part 2”, learn… argh! Why not including a “live situation learning” mode – allowing to select one’s parts beforehand and here we go with everything in, the intro, verse and chorus? Well, no such thing there. :-(

So, it’s great but Digitech can do even better, which is why I only rate it 4 out of 5 (see how pitiless I can be!).


>> My original intend was to send it all to the amp. I tried: not too bad, still it didn’t compare with a bass/drum dedicated broadband amp.
So, I ended up choosing a KRK Rokit 6 G3 monitor… and in the end, what a sound! I recommend it for home use.

For an open-space use with more volume, I believe you can use a keyboard amp, a PA system or a stage monitor.

>> The TRIO is in my amp’s FX loop, as I don’t want the looper’s sound to be modified by the preamp. It works fine and I don’t understanc why such a use is not even evoked in the Digitech manual. With an original TRIO without a looper, you could use it first but with this one it’s better to put it in the fx loop (provided your amp has one).

I believe the roundup is over now… next!

Oh, by the way: only the "quick start guide" is included in the box, the complete manual has to be downloaded (but it's quite useful as is provided details on some tricky features such as the metronome, and also provides a table with all genres of badd/drum parts – a nice addition).