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User Review

dj debilator's review - JVC RV-NB1

This "portable" is really a mini portable PA system ---
the laptop is in general tend to have a relatively loud or disagreeable, especially when they are pushed to their limits.
I have never yet heard a date with a portable low-probably as powerful of the two small woofers weighted in the middle by a piece of metal to give a good inertia during the travel - all amplified separately --- system as a "sub + sat" in miniature -
more you can calibrate the volume tab (of 50) no doubt thanks to ss distortion limiter incorporated *
POWER 20 +20 w bass - 10w + 10w broadband (- the sub freq)
a laptop with a very hot day with which I rediscovered some fun with cd
300 paid the day and had not disappointed despite a high price for this product category
only negative shade, but c is logical after all seen the benefits; c batterivore is a great "they are used when you did no other choice of food -
j remake that choice even at that price
an idea for "jvc", let us model an equivalent but (sub 50 50 - 20 in 20 lb) i am a customer
but forget the batteries (a car battery would be heavy and not esthetic (lol))