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DMi Escient Zone

DMi D&M Installation has announced it is now shipping its new Escient Zone DIN rail lighting system to appointed dealers and installers.

The Zone DIN Rail lighting module series is designed to offer an automated centralised lighting control system that integrates within Escient Zone, providing scalable lighting control within Zone. The DIN rail modules also work with almost any kind of lighting system, including direct control of DMX and DALI devices, or can operate as a standalone lighting system for almost any size of project.

The range of Zone DIN Rail lighting modules enables the wired control of leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, and ballast, in conjunction with relay switching and a multifunctional I/O extender. These provide steering and integration of motion sensors, and control capabilities comparable with current conventional control systems. 12 modules include a network processor, 4-channel and 8-channel leading edge dimmers, a 4-channel trailing edge dimmer, ballast controller, 8-channel I/O extender, 4-channel relay module, power supply and RS232 interface. And five and 10-button keypads come with a selection of chrome, brass, white, and stainless steel faceplates.

The system is integrated within an Escient Zone setup via a series of drivers and RS232 connections; integration features two-way communication for programming functions and lighting scenes. The DIN modules are centrally located and linked via regular RJ45 bus cabling. The modules can be combined with the network processor to programme the system via a web interface, when used in a standalone configuration.

The relay module offers 240v steering, while the I/O module is flexible, allowing the integration of motion sensors and external sources; the I/O module can also drive a 0-10v controlled function, such as a fireplace or DMX controller, and can control virtually any light load, from incandescent bulbs to LED designs. The contacts on the I/O extender can be configured as either inputs or outputs, handling low-voltage control. Lighting control can also be extended wirelessly by use of the latest Zone Zigbee light dimmers and switches.