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User reviews on Bass tuition/press products

Indispensable! (Florent Perreton - Bass Evolution)

By David Beffer, 13/04/2011
Excellent book I recommend to all bass players, whether beginners or intermediates for a refresher course for example.

Florent is a bass player, he expressed all his experience in this method and revised recently.

Bonus that will please some (like the fans Mypollux), most if not all partitions are available in the last part, for practice of course.

A beautiful brick that is well worth its price. Moreover, Florent offers both pdf and paper for the same price!
What to bring this valuable reading everywhere, on your shelf for example ...

The only slightly less positive point to me is some passages a little more complicated to understand, especially when we decided to learn the bass in self-taught. But it remains a personal opinion and it would soon be filled by a few lessons with a teacher.

A chapter devoted to ancillary material on bass (amp, head amp, effects pedals ,...) have been more comfortable, although there are monthly and other Internet sites on the subject, but not really in addressing the various settings for example, or even the expected results from a distortion pedal or Buzz.

In short, a book to recommend more than warm, it is unclear how we can do better because most of the chapters are richly illustrated.

Willty's review (Calmann-levy - Main Basse sur la Musique)

By Willty, 28/04/2003
Enquter on SACEM? More than once, the interlocutors of Irne Inchauspé Rmi Godeau and tried to dissuade them. Advice in the form of veil threat ("You lose everything") to trial irresponsabilit ("You made the play of Amricains") and fantasies perscution ("Why us dtest you so? ").
Under these conditions no wonder that since its inception in 1850, the Socit authors, composers and music publishers have largely screed from view and issues, despite its status as a private, of course, but charge a public service, ie rpart most equitable possible some 610 million copyright gnrs every year the exploitation of musical works.
Why the opacity? Because SACEM is at the confluence of all power - cultural, economic, political - and because a man, Jean-Loup Tournier, has led to an iron fist for forty years, r ducing to silence any challenge anyone to internal and dcourageant INTERESTED it too prs - including his authority in charge.
Mystras of heirloom Ravel, composers of the rights of Jews during the war, the Pharaohs operating cots: Hands Over the music allows us to glimpse, for the first time, some of these secrets so jealously guard.

It is extremely INTERESTED to know the below sacem so beautiful, CDRM, adami, ect .... and you say there is no problem?!

azzo's review (Audia - La boîte noire - Audia - La boîte noire)

By azzo, 28/11/2011
No site, close to but below Zr.

News Bass tuition/press

[NAMM] Alfred Dethklok: Bass Anthology

Published on 01/12/11
Alfred Music Publishing presents the first bass TAB transcriptions of songs by Dethklok, the animated metal band from Adult Swim's Metalocalypse television series.