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User Review

A must-have!! - Reviews Florent Perreton Bass Evolution

Audience: Beginners
I am fortunate to know personally Florent and enjoy his knowledge.
I was able to get his way when it was reissued.
Since then, I feel more comfortable with my bass and my musical entourage also made me this remark.

We can find explanations in this method the instrument (history, maintenance etc ...), art, theory (explanation of scales, harmony ... etc.) and a multitude of information and practical advice.

All this with exercises very comprehensive, very well explained and accessible.
In addition you can find other exercises that complement this method by going to the website of Florent.

All explanations are very detailed and you feel a certain closeness between author and reader (teacher, student) that allows us to understand more easily.

Among the different chapters one can find parts that will be affordable for beginners and others that will interest the more experienced.

With over 360 pages that comprise this method we have for hours of work plus the added bonus of low scores of different albums Mypollux very interesting to work well.

To advise all bass enthusiasts and all those who want to start with this instrument.