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User Review

Exactly what I was looking for - Reviews AKG C 520

This is a cardioid vocal microphone electret headphone mounted light.

This model is armed with a XLR connector standard. There is a model "L" armed with a mini 3-pin XLR connector for use with batteries and / or wireless systems.

Phantom power required, but flexibility: 9v to 52v.

Switchable low-cut filter-4dB at 100Hz.

Frequency response of 60Hz to 20KHz.

Used both right and left.


I use it for 6 months, and I have not had the opportunity to test another electret microphone head. So I can not compare in relation to microphones on stands.

What I like most is its perfect sound reproduction, no breath, with a very good ability to reject noise, as shown in effect.

What I like least? Hard to say: I do not find him particularly weak, in fact!

It corresponds well to my normal singing voice, which draws enough to treble, and lacks a bit of character, but when I get my "opera voice", but that is another story! And since I do not work at all this, she goes when she wants to and I can not do too much testing with it!

So when I sing normally, compared to compositions rock, pop or song, it enriches my voice with a subtle proximity effect, nice finesse.

Once placed on the head, which is not too complicated, it is quickly forgotten.

I generally use a Fishman Loudbox Artist acoustic combo pro LBX 600 through a Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer and Voice Tone Correct TC Helicon (XT not so!).

The result is perfect for me! Adding a little slap echo end, it is simply irresistible!

View feedback, I have not noticed very problematic: there may have when using a provision inconsistent, but it does not seem particularly susceptible to this problem.

In conclusion, I would do this choice without a heartbeat! It is not expensive, less than others of its direct competitors, and it delivers! I am completely satisfied with this product. It may not be perfect because I have not tried other voice than mine, and that is why I put 9 more by caution than anything else.