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Percussa Audiocubes: The Test

Audio Cubism Out of the blue, it just appeared in my office, like the megalith from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. A cube: 7.5 cm long, as white and smooth as paraffin, with a pair of LEDs on four of its six sides, two ¼ inch jack inputs, a USB connector...and a button ... ... that I press ... Let there be Light, as someone once said: the cube shines! read more…

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LOVE it! I have two! (Voodoo Lab - GCX Audio Switcher)

By Mattfig, 22/06/2012
Well, this thing is your solution to working a perfect rig...If you aren't using a pedal, amp, whatever, you don't just bypass it, you take it completely out of the signal path...I use two of the GCX units in conjunction with a Ground Control Pro unit....The two GCXs work together as if it is one 16 loop machine...I use it to switch between FX, amps, preamps, you name it...Setting up can be a pain and you gotta do some thinking...Also MIDI control doesn't just happen, you have to assign all that stuff and it takes time and sometimes you must take something apart to access a MIDI board...

Once you do all the hard work, your rig will have never sounded better nor as easily controlled....Simply excellent....Your pedals aren't true bypass but sound great? No tone suck with GCX, it's on or it's out! I love this unit...

A must have (Contour Design - Shuttle PRO V2)

By mrjason, 27/12/2012
The Contour ShuttlePRO V.2 is a USB control surface that comes in handy if you use it the right way and understand its functions. It comes with presets or pre configured for a bunch of different software applications but in my case I wanted a control mouse that I could use and make it fully customizable to the way that I want it set up. It let me do that, it was very easy to set up and assign any of the 9 buttons to whatever I wanted to set them up with. It works great for your music production software and for video production software. I use it frequently with Sony Vegas Pro 11; I have it all set up to work with Vegas Pro the way that I need it to work. Sometimes I do have a difficult time getting it to recognize what software I am working with. I wish it would automatically know which software I am on and open up my preset for that software. I have not found out a way to do this yet, and the manual does not explain it very well.
Setting it up was simple if you want to keep the basic presets that it has for software. If you don’t have the software that it is set up for or you want to have your own configurations then it will take a little more time to do this but it is not hard. It is very handy to have a mouse like this around.
I have been using the ShuttlePRO V.2 since 2010 and it has never let me down, it is a must have for any one into creating music and editing videos from home. It is affordable and has 15 buttons that you can program. It feels great in your hand because of its shape. This is a must have especially for Cubase and Sony Vegas Pro.

Great switcher! (Voodoo Lab - GCX Audio Switcher)

By Jerald, 26/05/2017
I have the original Digital Music Corp Ground Control Midi pedal to go with this. I have a large rack system and this is a must have!!!!!! Amazing quality and the Buffer is a must for me to use. 8 independent loops that can also switch an amp channel per loop. 24k gold contacts!! A lot of routing configurations too.

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