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User Review

Fewer audio interfaces offer more features or value - Reviews Focusrite Saffire MixControl v2

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
These might appear to some as old almost an obsolete audio interface but you would be fooling yourself.

With 16 inputs (8 XLR and 8 TRS) 8 outputs (including 7.1 or just split the instruments into separate output channels)) this unit is a beast comparing it to what you would get for your money new. Add a AD/DA converter and you are starting to get serious. Run VOicemeeter or any other virtual cabling software and you can further increase your outputs I have mine going through a 7.1 amp for fun and my studio monitors for mastering and the onboard outputs go to amps and cabs so yip a fair few speakers kicking about this place.. who hasn't?

Accepted Focusrite have not updated the mix control to the later GUI version but give it time you realise it works perfectly well, if a little over complicated. You get 2 headphone out, 8 mic pre amps two of which have (Liquid) effects, you get two dedicated instrument inputs, it offers Phanton HPF and phase on all 8 inputs. And thats as standard without any hardware or software to boost things further and beyond.

Using a DIPro 8000 and all 8 XLR inputs can take instruments as mics (balanced) add a line splitter and S-Patch and you can have great fun over budding or taking multiple recordings per take. All down to your imagination and desires.

I use a snake stage box and the XLR mic inputs go straight into the line splitter (MS8000) and the instruments go into the DI Pro 8000 and through a Samson S-Patch into my Liquid 56 - unlimited flexibility. I also use the XLR for outputs through to stage monitors/amps and I use jacks on the stage box for the guitar. With the DI Pro you can route all your guitar takes, straight raw clean from DI Box, DI from amp, mics from cabs, you can take up to 8 different separate recordings from each take. Versatility beyond belief. Yes this means you might have a lot of cables, buy one 5 mtr loom and cut it down to size then buy yourself some extra XLR and Jack plugs solder them and you get all the cables you will need for a reasonable cost. Great thing about using the patch is most of the static routing cables are hid at the back, I am still currently in the process of making up my custom SHORTER patch loom leads before I stuff it all in a cabinet. Think before you buy, the idiot I am, bought far too many looms that were far too long and looked a complete mess, being sorted... anyone wants some looms?

But best of all, Firewire which had appeared to be dying a slow and painful death. NOT any longer, with USB4 and Thunderbolt coming as standard to all PCs the future looks more cheerful. All next gen motherboards will have USB4 and so with some extra cables all the pain and hassle of Firewire will finally be over !!