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User reviews on Other Plucked Instrument products

Real Brazilian student Cavaco (Rozini - Brazilian Cavaquinho Estudent)

By Lardy Fatboy, 12/03/2019
The Cavaco itself has a much thinner more Mandolin type neck than my other Cavaquinhos but the body is much bigger. The Soundboard is pine with that lovely pine lumber yard smell. With the steel strings and the narrow neck I find it much harder to play than a Ukulele or even the other Cavaquinhos?

It is marked inside as the "Estudante" model and is dated 2007. When you look at today's range there is an Estudente but it doesn't have a slotted headstock or a pine soundboard, so this is probably better quality than the current one? The closest now is the Classico or the Studio but neither of those are quite right either?

It may have been labeled as the student model but it is more than good enough for most serious players - the person I sold it to was going to use it in a London based Brazilian music band so he certainly thought it good enough to use professionally (except he was going to have a pickup retrofitted)

A great instrument (Marcodi - Harpejji g16)

By pchanez, 14/04/2017
The Harpejji is a very nice instrument which is somehow intuitive to play for a keyboardist. But while it's easy to play an easy piece of music, there's still a long way to go to rival with Mathieu Terrade's playing technique ;)

Its building quality is top notch, and it's easy to tune in spite of the important number of strings involved.

I've used it with Amplitube 4, and it sounds terrific!

Pleasant. (Jim Harley - Bouzouki)

By Somadlatéci, 16/06/2013
I've had almost 5 years.

For 100 euros occasion he met me.

I just use it at home in beef and recording.

It is hard enough to play in the string tension.

The sound is powerful but too metal.

To change the strings, there is a metal folding cover, it is not very well designed, I'm afraid it will break one day.

It requires a lot of adjustments to be fair, but this may be due to its former owner.

With experience, I do not know what choice I would do because it was the only bouzouki available when I was looking for one.

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Published on 01/10/14
Merlin, this is the name of the new diatonic stringed instrument Seagull will debut on January 23rd at Winter NAMM 2014.

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Published on 12/18/10

Lucida Bajo Quinto LG-BQ1

Published on 10/28/10

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