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User Review

Successful ergonomics! - Reviews AIR Music Technology Ignite

The software can be downloaded from the website of Air. The installation was no problem.
At launch, I was surprised by the few parameters to adjust: Sound card, buffer and that's all. My M-Audio Axiom keyboard is automatically recognized (that's good).
Ignite seems stable. At first I used Asio4All but caused errors. Finally I use my sound card drivers Realtek, and the latency is very low. There is therefore no need for a special card to play comfortably.
To start, Air has made video tutorials. There is also a PDF manual damn good and complete.
Conclusion: you can not get any easier.


I'm working on Toshiba laptop 17 ". I7 Intel 4-core 2GHz, 4GB of memory, two hard drives 5400 rpm / min, sound card Realtek ALC 269, Windows 7 64bit. But the software has never been very intensive CPU, you just make sure the RAM because it is what limits the number of tracks and instruments that can be assembled.
No bug since I do not use Asio4All.


I use it for two weeks. I will edit this review later to give a comment more mature, but this software seems very good.
At first I was quite reluctant because he lacked configuration options and refining the sound. I started to use it because the Ableton Live Lite comes with my keyboard had some interesting instruments, it was frustrating not to be able to use all features.
The instruments are numerous and sound pretty good! It is possible to set 6 instrument settings to refine their sound. 6 effects are installed compressor, EQ, 2 reverb, delay, saturation.
Registration is easy, each clip is a block that can be assembled with others to make his musical motif. It is possible to edit each track note for note, effectively.
Ignite has a "cheat mode" to make agreements and varied by pressing only one key arrangements. Effective.
It is possible to export files noon, Wav, and publish them on Soundcloud.
Side of what is missing, we regret not being able to separate the keyboard in several instruments.
Conclusion: Air Ignite does very well what it was designed: do not take the lead on the software, and have enough options and instruments to express their creativity and do not escape his ideas. Ergonomically, it's a success. After that, it feels smaller than a normal version of Ableton, but nothing prevents us from dealing with Ignite, then export files on the more technical software to work the sound if the idea is successful.