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User Review

Quaisoir's review - Airline '59 Town & Country DLX

Canadian guitar manufacturer in Korea, a replica Airline Town and Country, a rarity makes the united states in 1952. Shrinking normal, but it is smaller than a stratovolcano or gibson .Three microphones, originally humbuckers but I installed by the manufacturer of microphones airline reissues, who quipaient "real" and who are single coil, unlike what might suggest their appearance, but net s in one way a little spciale. There is a volume and tone for each pickup spar and a master's degree and a good old slecteur three positions (no intermediary position, so).
The Airline era are "Resoglass" wholesale fiberglass. The reissues are wooden, with spcificit: the body is semi-hollow for more sustain and the sound characteristic. No complaints about the violin is impeccable, which is surprising for a guitar of this price Corenne (roughly 900 euros, with the change of microphones). Very nice finish, nothing wrong. Bigsby Vibrato well made, but not original (the Chinese version, what). Otherwise, no beauty is stopped asking me questions about this guitar during concerts, it really intriguing.


The handle is impeccable, not a "motorway" he keeps all the same this small ct "vintage", but everything is hyper-playable and comfortable. Ergonomics is perfect, it is taken in hand without problem. The "but": the volume buttons and tone, placs above the strings, may interfere with, it takes a bit of practice to avoid hitting play. the mcaniques are replicas of mcaniques era of so unreliable (Solicitating at keeping accuracy, if not, the rest is ok), notice I did not still brings a luthier to have an opinion about it. Oh yes, you have already changed the strings on a Bigsby? That is, euuuuuh ... boring.


THE big advantage of this guitar. A truly original sound, rac and versatile. His brilliant and sharp clear, but especially ... especially ... when you go up the gain ... it becomes very very naughty! Really versatile in distortion, aggressive and rock'n'roll, a real pleasure. If you like the White Stripes ... An endless sustain. And above all, even in an amp simulator (ToneLab), she keeps this side "vintage" and wild. Dfinitivement a guitar for rock, garage and indie-rock, with the addition of a look fabulous ... Very good guitar for blues, too. She really has a particular sound, which is similar to any guitar "known", although the rank more readily in the fender gibson in ... Very large original sound and really try typ absolutely before purchase (at the risk of hurting customers in the shop ...).


I use it for six months, six months bohneur yet ... A beautiful guitar, original, and ultimately little chre given the Gnrale quality. Really, the choice for a more standard and fifties vintage look for the handling, forcment not obvious (that is, as they say, a guitar that "deserves"). Congratulations Mike Robinson Eastwood for this nice guitar.