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Bronze Mockingbird Yard sale buy - Reviews B.C. Rich Bronze Mockingbird

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Lucked out and found this gem in a custom fitted hardshell case at a yard sale. Lady wasn't sure if it worked and wanted it gone since she was moving so I only paid 20$ for it.

Has a couple chips in the paint, old D'Addario strap locks, and it must have been dropped at some point because it has a very fine crack in the finish running from the bottom of the body to the wrap-around bridge. The strings were so old they were brittle and had no tension left in them. I figured at the very least I'd have a decent fixer up to fiddle with in my free time.

I re-strung it with Ernie Ball Power Slinkys, checked the inside electronics and plugged in to my amp to see if it would work. Sure enough it did. I read some reviews about the guitar and they were all negative but I've got to say this guitar sounds better than the ESP/LTD fm-100 I have. It's less tinny sounding, however it does get a little honky sounding above the 10th fret.

I don't like the wrap-around bridge but it seems to do the job.

The neck is wide but super thin which makes it a bit uncomfortable for my big hands. The action is low and fast. Fret ends have no sharp finger stabbing bits and the neck is very smooth. Gotta say I was pretty impressed with the fretboard, it's really well done.

The tuners look super cheap, sooo cheap a better description eludes me, and I thought for sure I'd have to replace them but after the strings stretched out I've had no issues with it going out of tune while playing.

I'm very impressed with the tone of this guitar below the 10th fret. Clean it's thick and meaty and with distortion it's very heavy with lots of crunch. Most inexpensive guitars I've tried sound really tinny and it drives me nuts trying to dial it out with effects. Very good for such a cheap Indonesian made starter guitar. I'd pay up to 150$ for one of these in great condition and think if I can find another with the string thru body I'd pick it up in a heartbeat.

I've heard the better quality, higher priced, big brothers of this guitar with the heavier classic head-stock like to nosedive. This one with the pointy poke your eye out head-stock is well balanced.

Overall this is a work horse guitar. Great for a hobbyist like me and probably would work well live as well. Strong build, nice looks, and decent tone. A friend of mine who has played in bands for 25+ years played it and said "If you ever wanna sell it let me know and I'll buy it off you. I've got a nice metal guitar but this one is a hell of a guitar"