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User Review

Outstanding! - Reviews DeArmond M-55

Made in Indonesia very inspired by the Les Paul Junior
A microphone, volume, tone, very strong through tailpiece, bridge type Gibson Les Paul quality.


Guitar lightweight comfortable handle very similar to Gibson. Design basic but very well made, top finishes. Beautiful paint, markers on edge for the handle, beautiful varnish.
Adjusting the handle of a disconcerting ease, the trussroad responds perfectly.
I just dropped slightly the height of the nut and bridge is a setting for the cord flush with the handle and too bad if it's a little frieze.


There, that was the surprise:
The microphone is exceptional! Clearly it is perfectly balanced with much more acute than double all that I tested, the mediums present, the lower perfect, and regardless of the amp (lamps, transistor, short, fat: the Vox 5W Modeling the big lamps Marchmall through Fender Blues Deluxe).
The tiny flat on the volume knob no progress, I will change the knob. A slight crunch in the clear on Marshall but just barely. Fender on no one can say it's a humbucker at the first listening. The high notes sound really.
I love this microphone, it is entirely at the Gibson 57 classic, versatility and more, and a higher output level.
In the saturated channel Marshall is a killing. THE sound without any effects! A bit of delay and you're guitar hero. For me it's damn, I miss the speed, inspiration, the group that goes well, the technique and the groupies.
But I am scratching j'mens crazy.


3 months of happiness with this board that has replaced my old Japanese TV. Words.
I like everything, even his sobriety: a roof for a garage rock enthusiast.
exceptional value for money, y'en addition ç like so much the better for me.