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User Review

spouks's review - DeArmond M75

Everything has been said I think.


Typed LP sleeve least as wide. For those who have never had the opportunity to test this kind of race is bigger, rounder, and it gives the impression of being more accurate than a typed handle Start, which has the advantage of being faster and more purpose. I like both (among others).

For my part I can not find particular difficulties to play in the treble. The guitar is its weight but this is a problem on stage, on the contrary, the weight distribution is balanced (it does not lean forward or back), it provides stability and therefore a comfort to play standing. Provide a good solid strap anyway. I have an overestimated, resulting in a crack in the veneer between two knobs ... (This is not a question of strength of the guitar, the fall was frankly very bad and even a log Gibson would have suffered ...). Well anyway I do not sell, she worked her vintage look ...

2 switch positions, 1 volume knob and one tone for each pickup, one that does not find its sound in ten seconds can be cut with one hand ...


I play rock blues-rock and I do not know what and the guitar fits with what I love doing. I find it really bright for the blues-rock. Of course it's not a Gibson LP and then who can afford an LP? As for the little sister Epiphone, I find it frankly less punchy than the M75, less plump. All positions are interesting, yes it can sound a little Gretsch Duesenberg or even if it's something else. In acute sends well, although sometimes serious as one would like to take it even further. This guitar has a real personality, which is rare in this price range. She's pretty, she attracts the attention (it also has), it sounds like no other. I played better guitars on more expensive guitars but this one, I love it. Its sound is warm, it's really something sexual (no kidding). And that's good for my music. I climbs 10-52 and there brr ...

I put 10 in view of the pleasure it provides relative to its price.


I own this guitar for 8 years. I had had it completely by accident: my guitar teacher at the time was another student who had bought it in VPC and who had planted himself in control, I had sold 2500 F lépoque, new . Of course, it is not perfect, but this guitar has the class, it is a fact. The tailpiece is not super convenient, but it throws the handle does not move, the knobs do not always crack. Like many people I had to change the jack, really poor quality (25 euros in a luthier, good is not death, anyway it must be the address from time to time). The value is frankly excellent if you fall in love, because this guitar needs love to give the best of itself. It has a well-typed hot. Try this before you buy. If this advice is still valid, it is even more here.

With experience, difficult to say whether I would do this choice. Today, I do know much more than a decade ago hardware issue, and I may be declining the offer. But what I'd be stupid to do that! My ignorance of the time gave me this gift, a guitar that gives me the impression that she is alive, or worse, but mostly for the better.