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User Review

Audiofanzine FR's review - Eastwood Guitars Sidejack DLX

(Originally written by jacqn/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Guitar made in China, but the finish is excellent considering the price.

Two P90 pickups, Jazzmaster-style tremolo, roller bridge (!!), volume and tone controls.

See manufacturer's website for all the features.

I was looking for a guitar with: P90 pickups, tremolo, easy access to the upper frets, few knobs(I don't like 4-knob quitars).

I had planned to buy a Jazzmaster Classic Series but it was too expensive for me, especially considering I already own a high-quality guitar. But then I found this guitar at half the price of the Fender,

I tested it and bought it on the spot!

I removed the pickguard to see the electronics quality... and it's a Chinese product!


Very pleasant neck. The varnish doesn't slow down the hand.

Perfect access to the upper frets.

The guitar is rather light but a bit bulky compared to my Telecaster (although it's not really a problem, even for a small person like me).

The volume knob is ok, the tone knob doesn't really change the sound but that's not a problem for me because I never use it .

I had a very pleasant surprise: the guitar stays in tune even if I abuse the vibrato. Great!

The guitar needed to be adjusted but that's normal considering the price.


The guitar has P90 pickups.

I'm not used to these pickups but I wanted them.

And I'm not disappointed because they sound really nice.

You'll surely find better ones, just consider the price of the guitar and the fact that it's made in China.

But I'm happy with them and I will upgrade them later if necessary.

Average pickups, I give them an 8.

The neck pickup and the center position sound good, the sound quality of the bridge pickup is a bit lower.

The neck and center positions provide a round, clean sound. The center position sounds very sharp when crunched.

The distortion sound is precise and it rocks.

The output volume decreases a bit in the center position.


Considering the look (mine is black), the finish, the price, the possibilities provided by the pickups, the tremolo and the playing comfort, I like this guitar and I don't regret having bought it.

It's not a renowned nor a high-end guitar but it's a great deal compared with plenty of guitars I've tested in this price range.

I might upgrade the cheap electronics and the pickups...

I really like... its looks!