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User Review

moosers's review - Eastwood Guitars Sidejack DLX

The Eastwood Guitars Mosrite is a remake of the classic 1960's electric guitar made famous by the band The Ventures. I'm not sure where these guitars are made, but I think it's safe to assume it's not in the US of A. The guitar is made out of a variety of materials, including rosewood for the fingerboard, solid basswood for the body, and maple for the neck. It's got two vintage E-90 pickups and also goes under the name "Sidejack DLX."


The action on the Eastwood Guitars Mosrite is quite low, making it an easy guitar to play, especially for rhythm guitar parts. Of course this is all about personal preference and often varies from guitar to guitar, but my experience playing this guitar was all good. It's easy enough to control your tone with the three way pick up selector and single knobs for volume and tone. It's definitely got it's own sound, so if it's one you like I'd say it's easy to achieve it.


I definitely like the sound of the Eastwood Guitars Mosrite, but it's one that it's own for sure. I'd best describe it as cutting and sharp. I wouldn't use it if I only had a single guitar to play both rhythm and lead parts, as I think it's best suited for tight rhythm guitar parts. You can't get too wide a variety of sounds, but there is some room to play with between the two pick ups. I haven't played the guitar in years, but when I did it was through my friend's Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier.


The Eastwood Guitars Mosrite is definitely one of the coolest looking guitars I've got experience with, and to go along with it it plays easy and sounds cool as well. For me it's best suited as a complimentary guitar rather than your main ax. I don't know if anyone else is making these guitars anymore, but it's definitely easier to get this one rather than an original vintage. Having played an original Mosrite, this is pretty comparable but it's not quite the same as the original. This being said, the Eastwood Guitars Mosrite model is a very cool and stylish guitar at a pretty reasonable price.