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User Review

An edgy riff machine. - Reviews Gibson Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker


Specs Site Gibson:

Body Style: Double Cutaway
Body Species: Mahogany

Finish Chrome Plating
Tailpiece Gibson Stop Bar
Bridge Gibson Tune-O-Matic
Mini Tuners Grovers

Bridge Pickup Zebra Burstbucker 3
Pickup Cover No
Controls 1 Tone, Volume 1
Control Knobs Black Witch Hat
Special Features Kill Switch

Species: Mahogany
Nut: Corian
Nut Width: Standard Gibson: 1.695 "+ / - .050"
Silkscreen: Gibson Logo
Truss Rod Cover Artist's Signature Truss Rod Cover

Binding Fingerboard: Ebony
Inlays Acrylic Dot
Number of Frets: 22
Scale Length: 24 - 3/4 "

Type: Gibson Hardshell
Interior: White
Case Exterior: Black
Silkscreen: Gibson USA Logo

Worn White

This is a very well balanced light really easy guitar, hyper,.
Good on the other hand, I admit, the mechanics are not terrible (mini grover) ... I was pretty disappointed with it. A change then. Especially if you like attack craft (for which it is more or less expected).
Electronic level, there is a Burstbucker 3, one volume, one tone and a killswitch. It's strange but it can be used. I wonder also if there would be no way to put a simple tinker and make a killswitch micro switch ... Good idea I think.
Sion, the painting is really fine ... There is a well-worn side. No varnish, it is almost directly on the timber. To say, I can remove the paint by scrubbing with nail in place of a small poc on the back ... But hey, this is the style. Mine is white, I almost want to completely sand ...

Overall, the production is great. The handle is very nice, well designed body and components seem really robust (plate too).


The neck is like Gibson, quite thick but easy. I who was accustomed to Fender, it changed me. But suddenly, I find other feelings, that attack well.
I double cut so for access to acute is nickel.

The fact that it is actually a light guitar "punk". We want to lug around and bullied, beaten with the heavy riffs and yellow with sweat. It is not in the chouchoutterie as with ES or a big Gretsch. Kind, it was not what the fragile air.


Ah well then this is the point (mega) strong ...
A Fender tube, it removes rust max. The sound is really great, accurate, with sustain. What is astonishing for a guitar of this size. So no complaints. There is certainly a double but playing with the tone, you do get different sounds nice.
I have not been super long but I feel we can deal with a lot of styles. This micro Burstbucker 3 is really amazing, it's a very good point.
Disto it hard while being accurate. With a spring reverb and more ... I do not even speak ...


To summarize, I wanted an easy guitar, light, small and efficient. This is my first Gibson. I wanted a double cut so rather than butcher a recent or ruin me for the 60's, I found this signature (do not care about Joan Jett - I think also change the truss rod cover so that drunk me to have the name of someone else on my guitar). It does the job, it works well and it is exactly what I was looking for. In addition, it has a custom fly Gibson, not negligible.
What I like most is the sound and keeping - it's really great to have the arms. As one other opinion, it really vibrates.
What I like least ... I would say the color. And although it is not dramatic. It's detail. Otherwise, I'm a little disappointed by the conduct of the agreement. But it is a constant on the Melody Maker. Even a 60's have the same problem (always according to other reviews).
But with good mechanical (still huh ... they could have made the effort at Gibson ..) and a good setting, it's gone for a set of 45 min background, without it moving. We feel that the guitar is reliable in its entirety.
I would add that, as mentioned above, if the white Gave me long, sanding, varnish and is back! The guitar is so "raw" that almost seems it is made to be arranged. That is what is nice too. They have not fixed, it leaves plenty of opportunities to those who wants to customize ... in the rules of art and of course to some extent. Should not exaggerate either ...

Basically, I recommend it to all who love the spirit of "small, efficient and reliable guitar." As mentioned below in English, "simple machine riff." Yeah its just that. And I also forgot to say that it does not frieze at all.

PS: I put 8 here for the history of cars. But I insist, it is not dead either. At the last rehearsal for example, I have not retuned once. Like what ...