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User Review

Anonymous's review - Hohner ATX REVELATION

- Made in Czech Republic in 1991/92,
- 27 frets, "medium jumbo"
- 3 single coil pickups Alan Entwistle installed two "humbucker at the bridge,
- Bridge / tremolo locking Wilkinson you can pull forward or back - 1 volume, 1 tone, both push / push and a passive circuit ATN
- Set neck and tie rod,
- Ebony,
- 6 lead with mechanical locking Spertzel (4 up and 2 down)
- Nut bearing Wilkinson
- Alder body and maple with a thin sheet of mahogany sandwiched between the two
- Translucent varnish "honey"
- 3 position selector,
- Impeccable finish, comes with a custom flight case.

A guitar derived from the concept "superstrate" but with an original and a handle glued ... 27 cases still more accessible than a SG, it said. Designed to DNG at the request of the Hohner, this beautiful guitar that has been produced for several months and made a total flop at that point, eight years after the cessation of production, there were still some new models in store!


- Stick thin and comfortable, ultra-fast,
- Access to acute or even single copies,
- Very light weight,
- Pleasant shape,
- Easy grip,
- Highly reliable mechanical, holding the agreement without problem even when force on the tremolo until completely relax the strings,
- Wilkinson vibrato for all follies
- Rise in 9 / 42, perfectly set and just when purchasing.

It is a model of ergonomics at all points of view, hard to beat ...


- Sounds very many with a trend rather "modern"
- Pickups with good output level,
- Shielding treated avoiding the avalanche caused by pests,
- Settings very effective system ATN very surprising.

It's not a Fender, it's not a Gibson is ... a revelation! The only drawback concerns the "domestication" of the tone control that requires a little practice but it's really to quibble ...


- Used for over fifteen years, this guitar is unique to this day, the sound is still good, the paint does not deteriorate and the mechanical knobs, jack, microphone and vibrato are in perfect working condition,
- Wilkinson vibrato more effective than a Floyd Rose (when it hangs loose and the rod can then build on it) and much less painful to resolve, the string change taking place as to any block normal
- ATN circuit a bit confusing but very effective sound and does not require batteries!

I wanted to buy a real Stratocaster American, I am left with two Revelation! The drama of this guitar is never used by a "guitar hero", especially as the Hohner was far from being capable of such boldness, and yet. Nobody followed, damage ...

Be careful if you fall on a model used to check carefully before buying it is always equipped with the rear tremolo cover plate: without it, vibrato Wilkinson is unusable because it is against the steel plate fitted a nut / washer specific that is locked to a stop when you release the rod.