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User Review

Fabio's review - Hohner HS-90

Multi-body (apparently ash, maple, rosewood and alder may be), the mixture of wood is very successful. Satin finish varnish.
The body is curved, like the Ibanez S series, but a little less fine on the edges though.
Maple neck, 24 frets, very comfortable profile reminiscent of a Start U.S..
Knife without locking tremolo, roller nut with graphite, very effective.

Pickups: config type HSS pickups unknown brand.
5-way switch, volume, tone with push-pull splitter for the humbucker.


As already mentioned, the handle is very comfortable and allows all types of games.
Access to acute is facilitated by a chamfer on the lower horn, and the heel of the neck is profiled, the game until the 24th fret is not a problem.

The curved profile of the body is also very nice (AMHO).
The guitar is well balanced and relatively light.


It sounds good in sound with good sustain (perhaps the wood used to ...).
I have so far tested only through my Rocktron Utopia: surprise!
The humbucker has a fairly high output level, which is sending the metal patches of Utopia! I found the sound almost a bit "fat", less dry than my guitars equipped with DiMarzio.
The simple can sound crystal clear, beautiful, but just in the neck position is also defended very well saturated.


It's a hot test, since I received the guitar this morning ...
I wanted a 6 string a few "basic" finish with "raw" for me to change strings bodybuildées 7: o) ... and I'm not disappointed.
This guitar is very versatile, combinations of microphones to address all the styles.
The violin is good, and the woods are beautiful.
It must have a guitar in 10 years, gold fittings to suffer a little with time (nothing too serious though).
Even if I do not know the price of the model to its release, I made a deal! This model looks quite rare, I have found little info on it ... if you find one, please, you do not disappoint ... serz