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Hohner JT-60 - Reviews Hohner JT-60

I got this guitar in London. It was originaly a baritone, but it had been converted into a electric. I paid around 250 pounds.

This guitar has a great sound. On hammers and leads it isn't twangy at all, unless you use the treble mode. It has a three way switch like on a les paul. It also sports three pickups.

The wiring in my guitar was really off. It had to have some changes in the switch and the volume/tone control. I still dont like the tone and volume switches too much.
There were some problems with playing frets from about 19 up. The action had to be raised, though I'm not sure if that was the fault of hohner or the store. I do like how it plays, but it is a bit large and really heavy.

The neck is bolted on. It's white with a red and brown pick gaurd. I like the neck even though it's pretty wide.

I like this guitar for it's easy playing feel. It had quite a few faults that needed fixing, even though it wasn't second hand.
When it was modified it became a good guitar. Treble is good for lead and the rythm mode is good for rythm.....hmm.

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