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User Review

One of the MOST exquisite instruments I have owned. - Reviews Hufschmid Guitars H6 Grafted Walnut top

This is a Hufschmid H6 Single Cut Mahogany body, with Grafted Walnut Top. 24 Frets, Hufschmid pickups, Hipshot bridge.


Scales very well on a strap, I tried it at a Few levels. Certainly lighter Then Any Les Paul ever. I would estimate maybe 6-7 pounds? Fret access is exceptional. I would say this, Patrick Does Reviews some of the absolute best fretwork I have ever seen. Plus, in my opinion, the neck volute is not only comfortable, sexy as hell goal.


Sound is extremely versatile. Really cleans up nicely, ble goal is to really roar When you give it the gain. The clean tones very very delicate, I thought it Would work well for everything from jazz and blues to metal.


Thoughts. I was not sure what to expect, I find Many a luthier-have some vestigial or homemade feel to 'em, while this one DID-have a different feel to it, it felt nothing like a sterile, mass-produced guitar. Wood choices are superb. A well-thought out Seriously cooperation of sapele and walnut Creates a very well-balanced tonal palate. It cleans up very nicely, goal REALLY shines with higher gain settings. Fretwork is excellent and consist Throughout the fretboard, polished, level and even, with ends finished perfectly. Neck pocket is very tight. Fit and finish is really incredible, no discernible flaws Whatsoever, side-dots glow very brightly and are straight. One single feature I fell in love with is the headstock volute. The only word I can think to define it, is sexy. Neck heel is very comfortable and Allows full access to all the higher registers. I love the beveled top and the Hipshot bridge is a nice touch, as well as the tuners. Overall, not many luthiers I put up with my absolute favorite luthier Ken Lawrence. I make not secret That the man builds absolutely phenomenal, flawless instruments and keen sense of HAS business ethics, as well as 30 + years of experience. My experience is not only with Hufschmid That thesis guitars are of a similar caliber, purpose thesis are Produced with phenomenal attention to detail, craftsmanship is top-notch, design is well-thought out and brilliant, goal aussi one more thing. I always Said Hufschmid Had an eye for wood unlike Any Other luthier I Had seen, the natural beauty of the woods Were always put together extremely well and the eye for the wood shines through. Now, I know That he truly Understands the proprieties of tonal woods thesis as well. It sounds just as good as it looks. As far as I am Concerned, and all the guitars I have-been through in my playing time, Hufschmid is in my top two luthiers. It Will Be SCARY to see His guitars When he is sixty. They Will Be that good.