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User Review

Hufschmid Tantalum 6 string guitar - Reviews Hufschmid Guitars H6E

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I found out about Patrick Hufschmid from a close friend who loves guitars built by independent builders. After checking out the Hufschmid guitars website, I decided that I would like to place an order for a custom guitar. I decided upon the specifications I wanted and reached out to Patrick. He explained to me how the process works and I followed the instructions for payment. The very next day I received a picture of my "guitar to be" while it was still in the form of rough cut timbers!! Through out the entire process I received updates and photos of the progress... even some short video clips. I was kept "in the loop' through out the build process. Once the guitar was completed, Patrick told me that he does the final set up and then would ship it out to me. I waited patiently and within a week or so Patrick contacted me and said my guitar was IN THE USA! He wanted to surprise me and shipped the guitar. It arrived to me that very same day. From Switzerland to NY in 3 days.
I opened the box and after I removed the multiple layers of protection it was wrapped in, I was immediately impressed.
The first thing that I did was look over the entire guitar. No issues. I strummed a chord and was amazed at the resonance of the instrument. The guitar vibrates like it's alive. The neck shape felt very comfortable in my hand, like I'd been playing it for years. Patrick shapes his necks based on a photograph of the players hand... he nailed it. I plugged her in and was incredibly pleased with the sound of my " made to measure " pickups. I explained my taste in music and what I enjoy playing to Patrick and the pickups were wound to my liking. They sound awesome.
The playability, action, intonation and feel of the guitar exceeded my expectations. Spot on perfection all around. To say I was pleased is an understatement. I am a professional guitar tech and a player of 40 years. This is the best guitar I've owned.
Here are the specs:
Tantalum Model
Super strat double cut body, cut from one piece of perfectly quarter sawn highly ribbon figured Sapele
One piece Sapele neck, also perfectly quarter sawn ( INCREDIBLY strong, very stable )
West African Ebony fretboard, 24 jumbo wide "pyramid " frets
25.5" scale length
Hufschmid Blue nut, (lubricant filled engineering thermoplastic)
Exclusive Hufglow block inlays
Heel adjust truss rod wheel
3 X 3 Hufschmid designed tension optimized headstock design
Hipshot barrel knob locking tuners
Hipshot string through body bridge
2 Custom wound Hufschmid GLOWBUCKERS
Single volume, tone and 3 position pickup selector switch
NOS 1970's Russian Military grade capacitor
Inlaid Hufschmid logo minted coin, antique copper finish, in the back of the body ( completely unique! )
I am blown away by the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship of this instrument. Being a professional guitar technician for most of my life, and a player for so long I have seen nearly every brand of guitar pass across my bench. My Hufschmid surpasses them all in every aspect. It took me 40 years but I finally found what I've been searching for in a guitar. THANK YOU Patrick. I would recommend a Hufschmid guitar to anyone who has been searching for something unique, a guitar that can handle any style of music, and is a true joy to play! This guitar has reignited my passion for playing...

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